Most Beautiful Treehouses You Can Stay At Around The World

If you’re after glamorous accommodation that invokes childhood joy, look no further. From the hidden depths of Patagonia to the Amazonian jungle, the Garden Route of South Africa and the sweetness of Scandinavia —  here are five treehouses around the world that will transform your idea of luxury.

South Africa: Tsala Treetop Lodge 🇿🇦

Exploring South Africa’s Garden Route? Nestled at the heart of this epic route, the Tsala Treetop Lodge is a world of its own amid the shoreline villages.

This isn’t a children’s treehouse. Each lodging is so spacious and glamorous that it’s easy to forget how high above the ground you are… until you catch a glimpse of that open view from the master bedroom, the freestanding bathtub, or your private deck.

The forest canopy is soothing in every sense of the word, but should you need some extra indulgence, head on over to the hotel’s own pampering rooms or Hunter’s Yoga and Pilates studio.

Norway: Woodnest 🇳🇴

After something more cosy and wintery? Sleep in close quarters inside Woodnest: a more authentic treehouse experience with touches of quiet luxury.

Norway is most famous for those magnificent fjords, and so it makes perfect sense that Woodnest embraces this. Overlooking the breath-taking if a little intimidating Hardanger Fjord, you’ll either stay glued to the windows — or feel inspired to go out hiking. Regardless of the activities you have planned, rest assured that you can curl up in bed and stare out into the world after.

Costa Rica: Hotel Costa Verde 🇨🇷

Of course Costa Rica, an Amazonian Jungle paradise, would have its fair share of luxury treehouses. But none of those quite compare to the opportunity to stay in a refurbished airplane.

From hiking through the jungle below and riding ziplines by waterfalls, to cocktails in the converted wings and lounging by the private swimming pool, you’ll feel like a first-passenger while staying here.

Featuring four double beds and two bathrooms, the Boeing 727 is best enjoyed with friends or family. But you’ll never feel lonely here, not when there’s the noise of howler monkeys to keep you company (… which is endearing or insufferable — depending on the time of day). Think of them as your personalised alarm clock encouraging you to get out of bed in time for the sunrise.

Sweden: Mirror Cube Treehotel 🇸🇪

As if imagined from a sci-fi fantasy novel, to say that the Mirror Cube is unique would be an understatement. This hypermodern cube transforms the gentle forest into something otherworldly. With mirrors on every exterior wall, this treehouse is designed in such a way that it feels like it shouldn’t be seen — and you have struck gold in discovering it.

Its out of the ordinary design is also reflected inside, where every piece of furniture feels light and minimalist: Scandi style taken to the extreme. But what makes Treehouse a household name within travel is the wide variety of activities available. Hang out with alpacas, go horse riding, dine in a tipi tent on a frozen river, or take a husky tour — depending on what time of year it is.

If seeing the Northern Lights is at the top of your travel bucket list, the Tree Hotel will make this dream a reality with their “Hunt” & Bonfire Evening. Warm drinks are provided as part of the tour — in case you needed extra convincing.

Chile: Montaña Mágica Lodge 🇨🇱

Our final choice stretches the definition of a treehouse, but it’s too convincing to leave off this list. Shaped like a verdant volcano with a waterfall running down the side, the Montaña Mágica is only accessible by crossing a rope bridge suspended in the air.

Studio Ghibli fans will feel a My Neighbour Totoro type of magic while staying here. As if the ethereal exterior wasn’t bewitching enough, the woodland theme is also carried indoors. The Montaña Mágica adds creative flair to the term rustic, creating extraordinary architectural features out of minimal materials.

Rather than detracting from the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve’s natural beauty, the unusual hotel only enhances it. If you’re planning the trip of a lifetime to Patagonia, consider taking a detour to this low-impact, eco-friendly destination first.

Montaña Mágica Lodge, Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, Chile.
Header image is of the Mirror Cube belonging to Treehotel, Sweden.
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Hannah Douch
March 23, 2024

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