Visiting Norway? Guide to the Most Beautiful Fjords and How to Visit Them

Seeing Norway for yourself can feel like entering into a fantasy world. Home to colourful cities, Northern light skies, and a vibrant earth, this country enchants its visitors with its warmth — albeit the snowy weather. And as the country with the most fjords in the world, it is safe to say there is no place like it, either. There are over 1,700 fjords in this country alone — and that is just the named ones! With so many natural wonders that await exploration, here is our pick of the most enchanting fjords in Norway — and how you can voyage through these Viking valleys.


Geirangerfjord's mystical mountains and waters.

Starting our list is the most famous of all - Geirangerfjord. At least ten thousand years old (but likely 2.5 million), Geirangerfjord’s history is longer than its winding waters. Despite this, its beauty is unfaded by time. Many claim it is not only the most beautiful fjord in Norway, but the best in the world.

From steep jade mountains coated in towering trees, to some of the most sapphire waters to be seen on earth, Geirangerfjord is awe-inspiring. Mountain farms, waterfalls, you name it — and chances are, you will find it here. The Seven Sisters is a must-see here; as well as Brudesløret, a waterfall shaped like a bridal veil.

Unsurprisingly, this world heritage sight is the source of many scenic weddings. Partner or not, the Geirangerfjord embraces all with its magical sights fit for the Norse gods.


Nærøyfjord, a branch of Sognefjord. This radiant rainbow is like a pot of gold sandwiched between steep mountains.

Equally impressive is Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord in Norway, and the second-largest in the world. Stretching over 200 km in length and 1300 m in depth, it is easy to see why people call it the ‘King of the Fjords’!

Located in the heart of Norway’s fjord region, Sognefjord appeals to all adventure-lovers with its ultimate Viking Valley experience and its legendary Flåm Railway that wraps around snow-capped mountains. Not to mention its multiple fjord branches, such as the stunning UNESCO World Heritage site Nærøyfjord, and its fresh companion Aurlandsfjord.

Its mythical sights have even inspired fiction, as mega-hit Frozen drew major inspiration for Arendelle from Nærøyfjord. The small historical village of Balestrand also makes a whimsical appearance, as its St Olaf’s Chapel was the direct source for Queen Elsa’s coronation.


Pulpit rock overlooking a world of blue hues.

Lysefjord was made for the hikers and thrill-seekers of the world. With steep, jagged cliff-edges overlooking shades of ultramarine, Lysefjord has views that will make your heartbeat soar in excitement. Enveloped by mountainous terrain, expect to have the treks of a lifetime here!

The pulpit rock is, as pictured above, one of the coolest sights you can see here. Achieved in a moderate hike of 8 km, this fairly accessible trail is popular amongst visitors. As a result, this is a very safe trail to embark on — despite getting a little crowded in the tourist season.

Even more exhilarating is the Kjerag mountain and its iconic Kjeragbolten boulder. Considered to be a real challenge amongst hikers, this is a steep journey up-hill of 9 km. But if you can handle the intensity, then it is a price worth paying for a once-in-a-lifetime snap. Thankfully, this rock is much safer than the camera suggests.


The jaw-dropping rock formation Trolltunga looks like it came straight out of a fantasy novel!

If you are looking for variety in your travelling, then there is no better place for you in Norway than Hardangerfjord. With apple orchards growing, lively villages buzzing, and views worth hiking for, the Hardangerfjord region is both contemporary and in touch with its rich roots. What is a Fjord King, after all, without his Fjord Queen?

The natural sights to be found here are so luxurious and exemplary, they are truly worthy of the land’s regal title. It is the proud home of Norway’s most famous waterfall, Vøringsfossen, where the water plunges and twines in all corners. There is the “Dronningstien” hiking trail approved by and named after her majesty HM Queen Sonja.

Then, there is the terrific Trolltunga. A demanding hike that will take you overnight, Trolltunga should only be reached with a guided tour. Getting to the top may take some effort, but once you do, you can stand proudly upon Norway’s most formidable rock formation and enjoy an incomparable view.

And of course, don’t forget to celebrate your journey with a glass of the world’s best cider.

Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands' colourful skyline is pretty impressive, as our its vast wildlife, like the gorgeous orcas.

Concluding our list of the most beautiful fjords to see in Norway is none other than the magnificent Lofoten Islands. This archipelago has unparalleled skyline views — from its glistening Midnight Sun, to its status as a Northern Lights hotspot. With beaches all around you, the Lofoten Islands is the perfect spot for coasting its coastline. From surfing to safaris, life is a little smoother here, but just as inspiring.

Its most famous fjord would have to be Trollfjord, which, contrary to its name, is a stunning site. As one of the more underrated Norwegian fjords, this habitat is largely untouched. And with a narrow entrance that is only accessible by boat, you will feel engulfed in the vast array of nature to be found here.

Paralleling Trollfjord in nature and beauty, Reinefjord is also desirable. The home of an old fishing village and mountains which offer panoramic views, Reinefjord attracts keen tourists with its photo opportunities and water-sport activities. Renting a kayak is not only possible here, but widely encouraged. Open to even the most inexperienced paddler, you can take a guided kayak trip around the fjords and experience its beauty up-close!

What is the best way to see Norway’s fjords?

With so much water on the horizon, the best way to experience Norway’s most mesmerising fjords is undoubtedly by boat. There are several cruises to choose from, such as the Hurtigruten’s Original Coastal Cruise — which happens to be celebrating its 130th anniversary since it first set sail around Norway! Offering an authentically Norwegian experience to its passengers, this tour can be tailor-made to your every adventure.

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Norway - Facts before you go


Norwegian Krone (NOK, kr)


Norwegian and Sami (Official), English widely spoken

Famous for...

🏔️ Fjords

🤘 Heavy metal music

🌌 Northern lights

Best time to visit

🌞 Summer (June-August) is the best time of year to visit the fjords!

❄️ Winter (November-February) is the best time to see the Northern Lights!

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August 30, 2023

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