Your Guide to Guatemala and Why Now is the Time to Visit

If you’re looking to head to a location rich in culture, beautiful landmarks, breathtaking lakes and rainforests and colourful cities, then Guatemala is for you. From exploring the ruins of Tikal to kicking back and catching some rays on a white sandy beach, Guatemala is jam packed with adventure and is an underrated Summer holiday location.

Reasons to visit ✈️

Guatemala is home to over 1,500 ancient ruins 📜
Home to Lake Atitlán - the world’s most beautiful lake ⛵️
Home to diverse wildlife and rainforests 🐾
Uncrowded and pristine beaches 🏖
Perfect weather in Winter ☀️
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

What to see in Guatemala? 🇬🇹

With a fabulous mix of travel options that can satisfy thrill seekers, culture lovers or beaches goers, here is our top list of what to see and do in Guatemala.
Mayan Ruins of Tikal
Located on the border of Belize, in northern Guatemala, you will find one of the most phenomenal archaeological sites in the world. Occupied between 600BC and 900 AD, this site shows off the city that once stood showcasing over 3,000 structures - pyramids, temples and plazas. This site was an important location to the Mayan culture and people. Here you can learn, explore and take in the gorgeous surroundings of Tikal.
Tikal, Guatemala
Chichicastenango Market
Also known as Chichi, this is a large town in Guatemala that is surrounded by valleys and mountains. On Thursdays and Sundays the cobbled streets of Chichi come alive as the brilliant market stalls set up and sell their goods. It is a hectic and buzzy market where visitors can purchase fresh fruit, vegetables and distinctive textiles.
Chichi Market, Guatemala
Semuc Champey
If hiking and exploring is your favorite thing to do on holiday then a trip to this gorgeous spot deep in the jungle of Guatemala is for you. It will take a lot of time and effort to get to but, the views are so worth it. When you arrive your eyes will be drawn to the stunning turquoise pools. Here guests can take a quick dip to cool off after their excursion there.
The Green Pools of Semuc, Guatemala
Jorge’s Rope Swing
Many tourists pass through to get to Tikal, however, this has become quite a landmark for some. In Flores Guatemala, you will find Jorge’s Rope Swing and many other enjoyable activities on Lake Peten. Escape the afternoon heat, grab a few drinks and kick back and catch some of the phenomena Guatemalan rays! Jump off of the famous rope swing and try to snap an amazing pic or slow-mo video!
Lake Peten, Flores, Guatemala

The Best Time To Visit Guatemala ? ☀️❄️
The best time of year to go to Guatemala is the dry season, which spans from November to April. During this season, the sun shines more or less every single day with beautiful temperatures allowing for you to come home with a gorgeous tan.

Starting from Skratch? Here are some tips to help you get started:

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Guatemala ASAP!

Guatemala - Facts before you go


🇪🇸 Spanish


💰 Guatemalan Quetzal

Time Zone

⏰ Central Standard Time Guatemala (GMT-6)


Tipping as a general culture in Guatemala isn't that common, but always highly appreciated.

Known For

🌋 Volcanic landscapes

🇬🇹 Mayan Culture

🎨The colourful city of Antigua

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