Via Dolorosa to the Dead Sea: Visiting Israel & Exploring Its History

Located in the Middle East, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, lies the Holy Land of Israel. Jam packed with immense natural beauty, booming with culture, a long and magical history and amazing people!

Why Should You Visit Israel? 🇮🇱

Israel represents a world-class tourism location with gorgeous and tranquil beaches, high-end hotels, delicious, traditional eateries and phenomenal historical sites. Israel is often overlooked by some and underestimated in terms of beauty and leisure.
Tel Aviv, the more modern and second most populous of the Mediterranean locations, is a reason to visit within itself. With a booming nightlife, a blend of culture and the dreamiest beaches, this is one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East. Like NYC, Miami or London, the city never stops. With a lively atmosphere, an artistic vibe to the streets and fascinating neighborhoods, some more traditional and some extremely contemporary, Tel Aviv is the perfect mix of everything you want on holiday!
Moving away from Israel’s built up commercial and cultural city, the rest of the country will not disappoint. Located in the South of the country is the Negev Desert, a beautiful landscape that is home to an immense array of natural life, natural beauty. Then, gorgeous greenery surrounds you up in the North. These two locations are just a slice of what Israel has to offer in terms of photos and exploring opportunities.
Old City Jerusalem, Mount of Olives

What To Do When In Israel? 🧭

Itching to explore? We don’t blame you, the opportunities and experiences here are phenomenal and are definitely ones that you will remember! Here are my top things to do when touring Israel:
Visit The Dead Sea - Kick back and float, quite literally, in the Dead Sea. You will spend the day in the sun, on the sand of the lowest point in the world, floating in the only sea that you can’t physically swim in! The high salt content of the water means that you will float and relax, whether you like it or not! It is a weird but wonderful experience and is definitely worth ticking off your list. The salt is bottled and sold around the world as it has phenomenal benefits for your skin, meaning you’ll find most visitors rubbing the mud of the seabed onto their skin to exfoliate.
The Dead Sea, Israel
Via Dolorosa - This is the route through the Old City of Jerusalem, the country’s historic and religious capital. This is believed to be the path that Jesus walked upon, to his crucifixion. The route is definitely worth walking if you are religious or intrigued to learn about the history of Jesus. The walk will take you through busy streets, stopping off at 14 different stations, marked by roman numerals, that signify the events that took place in the New Testament. It is a brilliant way to immerse yourself in the culture of Jerusalem and its religious past. Guests are required to wear modest clothing as you will visit landmarks such as; the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Via Dolorosa is a moving and spiritual experience no matter your beliefs.
Church of The Holy Sepulchre
Western Wall - In addition to walking the Via Dolorosa, there is much more to explore in Old City Jerusalem. The Western Wall aka, ‘The Wailing Wall’ is another magnificent historical site that will open your eyes to Israeli and Jewish culture. This is the most religious site in the world for Jewish people and thousands of people visit every year to recite prayers - which are either spoken or written. A written prayer may be placed into one of many cracks in the wall. The site is split into two, one half for men and the other for women. We recommend that you pair this with a tour of Old City Jerusalem with the Via Dolorosa walk to enjoy the full experience with a knowledgeable guide.
The 'Wailing Wall', Jerusalem
Tel Aviv Port & Beaches-  Recently revamped, this port is a location of culture, entertainment and leisure. The promenade is home to great food, large crowds, bars and clubs. Shops of famous Israeli brands such as Castro and Replay, surf and sports shops such as Blue Bird, Asics, and Adidas are located here making it a brilliant area to shop and relax. Nightlife in Israel is brilliant but this tops the list as Tel Aviv’s busiest spot! In addition to the fabulous port, the beaches in Tel Aviv are phenomenal. With soft white sands, clear waters and tranquil vibes, these beaches make for the perfect chilled Summer holiday. Lined with restaurants, bars and other leisure activities, you will be spoilt for choice when selecting where to go and what part of the beach to lounge under the sun on.
Tel Aviv Beach

Starting from Skratch? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Israel - Facts before you go


🇮🇱 Hebrew


💰 Israeli Shekel

Time Zone

⏰ Israel Standard Time (GMT+2)

Known For

🏖 Gorgeous Beaches

🌊 The Dead Sea

🙏 Jerusalem - The holiest city in the world

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August 30, 2023

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