Into the Wilderness: Europe's Best Mountain Huts and Cabins

Unforgettable travel experiences arise when you stay in incredible places. We have scoured peaks, plateaus and passes to bring you a list of the best mountain huts in Europe. Yes, it might be a bit of a slog to get to some of these spots - but you'll be rewarded with something pretty special.

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Alpine Shelter Skuta, Slovenia 🏔

Technically neither a hut or cabin, Alpine Shelter Skuta is a bivouac shelter, meaning no showers, toilet or kitchen facilities - just a roof over your head and basic (but very stylish) protection from the elements. Located in the Kamnik–Savinja Alps, the shelter stands below the summit of Mount Skuta.

  • Hut altitude: 2,070m meters
  • How to get there: Hike (it can take up to 7 hours to reach). Here is a guide.
  • Costs: Free
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Fifth Season Mountain Hut, Georgia ⛰

Hidden away in the eastern part of the Caucasus mountains is what might be one of the best huts in the world. Big statement, we know, but the hut perfectly combines homely comforts with the feeling of being in the wild. Spending a few days here in the summer would be bliss; frolicking in Georgian meadows with wild horses, breathing in lungfuls of alpine air, chilling in a beanbag on the grass admiring the mountains...

  • Hut altitude: 2360 meters
  • How to get there: Drive to the village of Juta and then hike for 1 hour (0.6 miles) to the hut.
  • Costs: Rooms start at €54 per night (freshly cooked breakfast included).
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Skåla Tower, Norway 🏔

This lonely little tower stands on a field of rocks, atop Mount Skåla in western Norway. Built in 1891 by a doctor, local legend says that it was initially intended as a place of healing for the sick.

  • Hut altitude: 1,843-metres
  • How to get there: Hike (approximately 5-6 hours)
  • Costs: To stay you'll need to buy a DNT membership (€70 which gives you year-round access to 550 DNT huts and cabins all over the country).
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Refugio de Altavista, Tenerife 🌋

It might look like an unexceptional building from the outside, but Refugio de Altavista is perched on the side of El Teide which is the third highest volcano in the world!

  • Hut altitude: 3,260 meters
  • How to get there: Hike (approximately 3 hours), or take cable car up and walk to the hut from the cable car station. Here is a guide.
  • Costs: €21 - 25 per night
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Refugi Josep Maria Blanc, Spain ⛰

Surrounded by pine trees and a crystal cold lake, the very picturesque Refugi Josep Maria Blanc offers a homey set up in the Catalan pyrenees.

  • Hut altitude: 2,350 meters
  • How to get there: Hike for approximately 3-4 hours. You can also order a 4x4 vehicle to get you to the hut. More information here.
  • Costs: €34,50 per night (includes breakfast)
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Refugiul Călțun, Romania 🏔

Looking like a sort of space capsule, this bivouac shelter in the Făgăraș Mountains stands on a wide ridge above a small mountain lake. Sleeping up to 22 hikers, it's open year round.

  • Hut altitude: 2,100 meters
  • How to get there: Hike from various directions (map location here).
  • Costs: Free (meant only for those arriving after 6pm)
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Rifugio Re Alberto Primero, Italy ⛰

The Italian Dolomites is home to some of the most dramatically situated huts in the world and Rifugio Re Alberto Primero is one of them.

  • Hut altitude: 2621 meters
  • How to get there: Hike 5-6 hours to get there. Here is a guide.
  • Costs: €55 per night

Rabothytta, Norway 🏔

There is no shortage of impressive huts and cabins in Norway, and Rabot Tourist Cabin is a leading example. The design cuts a striking silhouette against the backdrop of the Okstindbreen mountains - a massif located in northern Norway.

  • Hut altitude: 1200 metres
  • How to get there:  Hike for approximately 2 hours (the fastest route). Read more here.
  • Costs: €7 per night. Information about booking Rabothytta is found here (a €70 DNT membership will get you a discount and year-round access to 550 huts and cabins all over the country).
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Ždrilo Shelter, Croatia ⛰

This simple one room hut might be basic but it's position - tucked away in the Velebit Mountains - is totally majestic.

  • Hut altitude: 1040 meters
  • How to get there: The shortest route starts from Rudelić Draga. This is the huts location.
  • Costs: Free
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Tevno Ezero Shelter, Bulgaria ⛰

Peacefully located in the pristine Pirin Mountains, the Tevno Ezero shelter stands on the shores of a dark mountain lake. Horses are often found grazing in the surrounding pastures, and hot food can be prepared by hosts who look after the building from May-November.

  • Hut altitude: 2515 meters
  • How to get there: Hike (the shortest route will take you 3 hours, the longest 7 hours). More information here.
  • Costs: Free in winter but for summer prices, enquire here.
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Monte Rosa Hut, Switzerland 🏔

Very different from the cute wooden chalets you usually find in the Swiss Alps, the aluminium Monte Rosa Hut looks like something out of a Bond movie.

  • Hut altitude: 2,883 meters
  • How to get there: Hike approximately 4 hours (crampons necessary). More information here.
  • Costs: €100 per night (dinner, breakfast and tea are included)

Starting from Skratch? Here Are a Few Tips to Get Started:

At A Glance

🏔The Most Remote Huts

 Alpine Shelter Skuta, Slovenia

 Monte Rosa Hut, Switzerland

 Refugiul Călțun, Romania

✨The Most Unique Huts

 Alpine Shelter Skuta, Slovenia

 Monte Rosa Hut, Switzerland

 Skåla Tower, Norway

⛰The Most Accessible Huts

  Fifth Season Mountain Hut, Georgia

  Refugi Josep Maria Blanc, Spain

  Refugio de Altavista, Tenerife

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August 30, 2023

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