Complete Guide to the Croatian Islands - Where To Go Depending on Your Vibe

Tourism is rising in Croatia, with gorgeous beaches, historical points of interest, breathtaking national parks, and wonderful people and cuisine; we understand why! Croatia is an ideal destination for everyone! This upcoming southern European destination comprises more than 1000 islands along the Adriatic Sea, with 48 inhabited and different points of interest for everyone depending on their vibe! Here are some islands and a guide to what is best for you!

Islands For The Party Goers 🎉🕺🍸

If you’re looking for an ideal party destination this Summer and don’t want to visit the usually packed party islands like; Ibiza or Aiya Napa, Croatia is definitely for you. With countless clubs and secret hideaways harbouring some immense parties, this will be a holiday to remember. After a day sunning away on one of Croatia’s numerous beaches, a night out on the town here will be an experience like no other. 
Pag Island - One of the most popular islands for party goers in Croatia is Pag. Specifically, one of the top party beaches is in Novalja, Pag and goes by the name Zrće. It’s there you’ll find four clubs that are open almost all day. The pumping house, techno, and dance music kicks off around 4 pm and goes well past 2 am. Here music festivals take place, including the infamous Hideout Festival. If you're a party lover, be sure to check out our Festival Series for more nightlife inspo.
Other party islands include; Tisno which is best known for its music festivals that host big-name lineups that attract thousands of party-goers, including the Love International Festival. Or, if you want to visit one of Croatia’s largest open-air clubs, take a trip to Vodice.
Hideout festival stage in Croatia
Hideout Festival, Croatia

Islands For The Sea, Sun & Sand Lovers 🌊☀️🏖️

For those who just need some serious TLC but want to experience it somewhere new, then Croatia is just for you! There are some stunning crowd-free spots dotted around Croatia, which are perfect for getting some serious catch up on tanning and sleeping under the rays! Enjoy a less hurried pace, where you can savor the beauty and heat of Croatia, where you get a flavour of what the Dalmatians call fjaka – the art of doing nothing. 
If you want complete peace and serenity, then book a holiday in the town of Zlarin, on mainland Croatia. Having banned cars, noise levels are low here, and the pace of life is super slow. This location is naturally beautiful, packed with cypress, olive, almond and fig trees, this location is naturally beautiful. It is the perfect place for hiking and kayaking to secluded beaches. A week here would be the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Another laid-back location off of the tourist radar is, Fažana. A small port town on Istria’s southwestern coast that gives tourists here a real taste of Istria. A mellow and relaxed fishing village lined with pebbly beaches that are very pretty to look at. Soak up sea views from several harbourside eateries and enjoy freshly caught fish for lunch and dinner each day.
Fažana harbor
Fažana, Croatia

Islands For The History Lovers 📜📚🏹

If you’re a history lover, then the sites and monuments in Croatia are sure to excite you! Croatia is well-known for its abundance of charming and historic cities, many tucked away in the countryside or featuring white-washed stone from centuries soaked in Adriatic seaspray and sunshine.
Kickstart your historical adventure in Dubrovnik (or the nearby lesser known Kotor). Known for its distinctive old town, this city in Croatia is teeming with history. Start your exploring by visiting the city walls of Dubrovnik. So well preserved that you may feel as though you have been thrown back in time. These walls are significant in history as the set of fortifications were built from the 13th to the 17th century for defence against Venice. There's much to see and do in the marbled Old Town situated behind the walls. Highlights include Onofrio's Fountain, Rector's Palace, Luza Square, and the café-lined Brsalje Street.
Dubrovnik old city walls
Dubrovnik, City Walls, Croatia

Islands For The Nature Lovers 🍃🌳🌺

With stunning bright blue waters and clear sunny skies, Croatia is a naturally stunning location with a number of islands home to marvellous greenery and wildlife. If you plan to get away and do some nature spotting or some hikes through gorgeous green forests, then you’ve come to the right place.
The island of Mljet is unlike any of the other Croatian islands. This is the greenest Adriatic island, densely populated by dense forests, and is covered with breathtaking nature and magnificent landscapes. There is also a small fishing harbour and pretty beach here, meaning tourists can enjoy the best of both worlds. The popular tourist attraction of Mljet National Park, which should be high on your places to visit in Croatia, is located here. There is fabulous wildlife, two saltwater lakes and a breathtaking geological landscape here.
Mljet island coastline
Mljet, Croatia

Starting from Skratch? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Croatia - Facts before you go


💵 Croatian Kuna


🗣 Croatian


💰 Tipping an average of 10%-20% is appropriate

Known for

🏖The Beaches

⚽️ Brilliant Football

🍃 Stunning Scenery

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