Best Glamping Spots in the World

Want to immerse yourself in nature fully but still have that desired level of luxury? Then glamping is definitely for you. Enjoy the majestic outdoors and bonding with family and friends whilst exploring different corners of the world and the phenomenal nature that lives there. Whether you want to stare into the stars or wake up in the roasting dessert, there are hundreds of glamping spots that have something for everyone! Let's talk about some of the world's top spots!

Longitude 131, Australia 🇦🇺

Fancy visiting the outback of Australia? Longitude 131, located in Uluru, strikes the ultimate balance between adventure and Aussie luxury. If you don’t already know what Uluru is, it is one of the world’s and Australia’s most famous rock formations. Known as the resting place for the past ancient spirits of the region, this spot is visually stunning and a living, breathing, cultural landscape that is incredibly sacred. Taller than the Eiffel tower, this spot is sure to take your breath away, and it is an excellent UNESCO heritage site to tick off your list. The glamping site Longitude is Australia’s most celebrated luxury camp, with direct views of the iconic landmark. Among the red-rust dunes of the Central Desert are sixteen tented pavilions, each offering connection with the outback landscape and its heritage and a glamorous base from which to explore the incredible Red Centre.
From dining on the finest and freshest produce from around the country, all served with a view to Uluru, this spot is not short of all things luxury. Around feasting on divine dishes, enjoy a touch of beauty and relaxation with an Aboriginal massage or a spa experience where the staff will use the local natural healing ingredients.

Nomade Tulum, Mexico 🇲🇽

Tulum is a go-to location, no matter the visit or time of year. Nomade Tulum is one of the most prestigious glamping spots in both the region and Mexico with the spot boasting the ​​stunning stretch of white sands and turquoise waters of the Riviera Maya and the natural beauty of the dense Yucatan Jungle that it borders. Its nestled locations gives you the best of both sides of nature and landscapes, in which guests can tick off visiting some of Mexico’s preserved ruins, underwater caves and largest protected coastal areas.
Enjoy the special holistic packages offered by the glamping staff and enjoy the best of Nomade and Tulum. From wellness programs, diverse dining and the connection experiences with the surrounding nature, there is so much to enjoy at this location. The gorgeous collection of grass-roofed huts and cozy canvas tents are designed to create balance between the innate human experience and the natural world ensuring a full serene experience.

Scarabeo Camp, Morocco 🇲🇦

Dreaming of the desert? Take a trip to this absolutely gorgeous luxurious camp spot in the Désert Agafay. Kick back and relax in the one of the dozen canvas tents filled with local Moroccan design tidbits and traditional amenities. Agafay is a breathtakingly serene location in the Moroccan desert that boasts mineral land with a lunar landscape. The white decor and interior compliments the subtle sands and the contrasting peaks of the impressive Atlas Mountains situated behind this location.
From evening bonfires to the aroma of fresh bread transported in the pure air of early morning, the camp immerses its guests in serenity and magic, an alchemy conducive to wandering reverie. From exploring the nature and the breathtaking panorama, to exhilarating sand based activities such as; quad-biking, sand buggies, camel rides and horse riding, this is an adventure everyone should experience.

Zuma Sanctuary, Malibu, California, USA 🇺🇸

Summer nights in Malibu… yes please! Watch the sun set over the home of some of the best beaches and surfing spots in the United States. Set just on the mountain’s edge overlooking the Pacific, this location is not short of thrills. Enjoy the unique meeting of the mountains and the ocean and enjoy the luxury of both and the nature that the sand and the sea bring to your front door. From incredible palm trees, agaves and other scenes that make for incredible photos, this spot is not only picture perfect but makes for the perfect relaxation or honeymoon hotspot.
From yoga classes to sound baths the Zuma Sanctuary has opened its doors to a variety of gatherings that were looking for a unique and private space to connect, learn and grow - all while enjoying nature and an amazing view.

Al Maha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

Whilst the UAE isn’t on everyones top next to visit list, we can assure you, no one does a luxurious desert accommodation like Dubai. With various awards in their back pocket, Al Maha is a chic sanctuary that reflects Bedouin design elements and offers up a truly high-end experience. Nestled in a verdant palm oasis, deep within Dubai’s magical dune and desert landscape, Al Maha provides the most intimate of inspiring experiences. With its gorgeous blend of wildlife, stunning views, luxury rooms and phenomenal dining experiences, this is not a glamping spot to be skipped.
Located 45 minutes from Downtown Dubai, this location boasts serenity and privacy. With 42 private guest suites, free roaming wildlife, spa experiences and delectable cuisine, this is the ultimate romantic getaway. Enjoy the bedouin way of life and experience the unique activities of the dunes such as; archery, nature walks, Ghaf tree walk, desert drives, wildlife safaris and camel trekking. After a day in the sun, sip on something sweet whilst you feast on an Arabic and Mediterranean blend as you watch the sun set over the golden sand dunes.


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August 30, 2023

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