World's Longest Cruise? The 274 Day Trip Of A Lifetime

Imagine sun, sand, sea and pure bliss for 274 days of your life! Royal Caribbean is offering just that, with their new 274-night cruise around the world. The cruising legends plan to launch this in 2023, and we want to tell you all about it!

What is it? 🛳

The cruise visits 150+ destinations and 11 World Wonders across 7 continents and 60+ countries. So, for anyone who has some time off from work and a desire to travel all four corners of the world, this cruise is for you. The cruise allows you to immerse yourself in the world's cultures, the best views and, most importantly, will enable you to make the most phenomenal memories. The bragging rights from this are pretty impressive…
Set sail on the Royal Caribbean's ship - the Serenade of the Seas and whilst ticking places off of your bucket list, find time to kick back by the pools, play a spot of mini-golf or, feast your way around the ship at the different eateries.
Royal Caribbean Ship Docked In Haiti

Where does it go? 🏖

Expedition 1 - Round the Horn

The trip starts out in sunny Miami, in which you will start the first part of your expedition. The 'Round the Horn' excursion visits the first 64 destinations in 64 nights. Locations include the Americas and the Antarctic - here, you will get to see the official island of the Royal Caribbean, Cococay Bahamas, where you can get your fun and tan on! Then make your way through; Mexico, Aruba, Barbados, Brazil, Falkland Islands, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Antarctica, and many more.
During this leg of the trip, you will visit picture-perfect views in every climate, from the green tapestry that stretches for miles to glaciers that tower over you. Landmarks include; the largest Art Deco sculpture globally, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu, and the most extensive waterfall system on the planet, Iguazú Falls in Buenos Aires.
Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Expedition 2 - Wonders of Asia and the Pacific

Next up is the 'Wonders of Asia and the Pacific', the second expedition. Here you travel 40 destinations in 87 nights, including; Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India and the UAE. Discover the distinctive culture and modern architecture of Asia, and tuck into the brilliant cuisines on offer. When travelling to the UAE, make sure you've saved up a little extra to splash the cash in the fabulous malls of Dubai or spend in the small shops of the traditional souq village in Abu Dhabi.
Explore Hawaii and discover the crystal-clear waters of Mo'orea and Tahiti in unspoiled French Polynesia. Have your breath taken away by the great barrier reef in Australia and make the most of Summer in our traditional Winter! Immerse yourself in Bali's colours, cuisine, and culture, or take in the views of the most iconic man-made World Wonders, the Great Wall of China.
Wai Tan, Shanghai, China

Expedition 3 - Middle East Treasures and Marvels of the Med

The third leg of the trip is called the 'Middle East Treasures and Marvels of the Med'. The name does not lie; you really explore some locations' treasures that everyone MUST add to their bucket list. Sun, sand and varied culture are what you will experience when globe trotting around these locations. Picking up from where you left off in Dubai, travel to Oman, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel.
Cruise to World Wonders left behind by the civilizations of legendary pharaohs and emperors, like The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Or, immerse yourself in a religious excursion around Jerusalem, Israel, where you can visit the Western (Wailing) Wall or walk the Via Della Rosa and take the path of that of Jesus when he was led to his crucifixion.
Nemal Yafo St 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Expedition 4 - Capitals of Culture

Finally, the cruise and trip of a lifetime will have you sailing round to the 'Capitals of Culture'. Here, you will wrap up with ticking off your dream city breaks. Locations include; Spanish cities such as; Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga, Portugal, Morocco, Ireland, France, Belgium, Russia, Denmark and many other Northern European cities and locations.
Here you can discover Barcelona's brilliant architecture, savour the flavours of Morrocco or, cycle the streets of Paris. Once satisfied with your global achievements, the Serenade of the Seas will ship you back to New York, where you can do some early Christmas shopping in time for December or make the most of the Big Apple and way you would like before heading back to Miami.
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

What's included? 🧉🛫

Before we reveal to you the grand total of this trip of dreams, let us sway you with what is on offer! Considering this holiday may set you back a tad, Royal Caribbean offer exclusive perks and amenities such as;
- Business Class Airfare
- Premium transportation links
- Pre-cruise Hotel
- Deluxe Beverage Packages
- Gratuities
- Wash and Fold Laundry Services
And many, many more! This means that your onboard experience is just as phenomenal as when docking and jumping offboard to explore.

How much? 💸

With the cruise set to sail from Miami on December 10th 2023, and to return on September 10th 2024, including full access to the 13 decks and a mini-golf course, an arcade, a rock-climbing wall, a pool, a theatre, and a spa, there is no wonder this trip will set you back a whopping total of $61,000 per person for the interior stateroom, rising to $65,000 per person for an ocean-view room and an even bigger $112,000 per person for a junior suite.

Starting from Skratch? Here are a Few Tips to Get You Started:

Need to knows when travelling with Royal Caribbean


💵 US Dollar


🍹 21+ to purchase and consume alcohol


Bring for all occasions; Casual, Smart-Casual, Formal & Swimwear


Book restaurants, shows and activities in advance! On the day or a few days before is good to do.

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