Where To Stay in the Bahamas? Best Islands and Resorts

The saying really is true… it’s better in the Bahamas. From the pristine, powdery soft white sands, glistening turquoise waters and the glow of the gorgeous sun for most of the year. Whether you want to visit to catch up on some well-needed alone time with the sea, sand and sun or want to speed down a handful of water slides, book a fishing charter or sunset cruise, the Bahamas has it all.

The only difficulty when selecting this location to enjoy the best of the Summer is deciding what island and resort to stay on. The island you choose depends on what your visit will consist of; adventure, culture, history or just relaxation. Here’s our top list!

New Province 🛥️☀️🎉

Home to a large port and a plethora of hotels, New Province, is the main hub of this gorgeous destination and also the home to the nation's capital city, Nassau.
This is Bahama's busiest location, with most tourists making their way to this island and its cities. In addition to the 4 million tourists that hit the beaches of the Bahamas each year, it’s not shy of a handful of stars and celebrities hitting up its shoreline either. Not only is New Province the hub for eager tourists visiting the capital and places in between, but at the tip of the island, you will find Lyford Cay, which is an exclusive residential spot that houses the stars of Hollywood!
New Province is definitely your destination if you want a holiday jam-packed with action! From its ginormous lavish resorts, buzzing nightlife and many cultural and historical landmarks like the National Art Museum and the Pirates of Nassau Museum. Tourists are definitely spoilt for choice here when finding activities and when trying to embark on adventures.
If you want to skip the adventure but desire to remain in the heart of the Bahamas, there is an abundance of gorgeous beaches and golden sand ready for you to kick back and relax on. Top beaches here include; Balmoral Island Beach, Blue Lagoon, Cabbage Beach, Cable Beach and many, many others.
Cruise ships in the Bahamas. Nassau, Bahamas

Paradise Island 🐬🌴🐚

Everywhere in the Bahamas is truly paradise, but this infamous spot specifically is paradise when it comes to everything. A hub for entertainment in the Bahamas, Paradise Island is a hotspot for all top things, leisure and some of the top hotels.
This is an ideal destination for families looking to kick back and relax and enjoy the very best of the Bahamas. With something for absolutely everyone, you can’t help but to fall in love with Paradise Island.  Located just minutes away from the capital, this spot is in an ideal location, meaning you’re not too far away from the action and adventure of the heart of this gorgeous location.
The resorts that grace the shoreline are the first thing to capture your attention here. Between their colossal size and luxury of them, you are sure to be impressed. The Atlantis Bahamas is one of the most beautiful and popular resorts here. With an abundance of different rooms, some of the very best amenities, and views of its pristine surroundings. In addition to this, guests don’t have to wander far to enjoy facilities as the resort has its very own waterpark offering guests an abundance of thrilling slides, rides and pools to enjoy the summer sun in.
Paradise Island is also home to one of the best beaches in the Bahamas, and guests of the Atlantis are granted access to visit Cabbage Beach. A surreal strip of sand with gorgeous aquamarine blue waters gently washing up on it. Whether you use the beach for relaxing or adventure, this is one of the best spots to have on your list for the Bahamas. From snorkelling and scuba diving to jet skis and speedboats, Cabbage Beach has something for everyone.
Paradise Island, The Bahamas

The Exuma Islands ⛱️🐷🌊

Want to visit the iconic pigs in the Bahamas? Well, this island is just for you!  There are a herd of swimming piggies on Big Major Cay, which is located in the Exumas.
Exumas is the ultimate island for indulging in authentic culture and tradition, with plenty of traditional restaurants, cafes and bars located here. There is a tonne of local delicacies dished up here on a daily, delighting tourists from all over. Enjoy local specialities like Conch, crawfish, and grouper.
Take a dip in some of the clearest water in the world here, and take a trip to the paddling pigs. This is a surreal and unique experience in which you float around the pink animals and feed and learn about how they ended up in the water! If you don’t fancy visiting the pigs, use the opportunity of being in some of the clearest waters to enjoy a snorkelling excursion and explore the reefs of the Bahamas and the gorgeous marine life that lives below.
Sandals Emerald Bay Resort is one of the top resorts to indulge in and enjoy when staying on this island. This hotel exudes style and elegance and is definitely for those who want to splurge. With mesmerising scenery and the luxury of your privately owned villa or suite with either an oceanfront or beachfront view, this resort feels as though you are on your very own island. With a plethora of spectacular adventures, whether it be scuba diving, golf or pilates, this island and resort really do boast relaxation and do appeal to those who want to rest.

Andros Island 🦜🐠🤿

Andros Island is the largest of all the Islands in the Bahamas but, surprisingly, has the smallest population of them all. Made up of three major islands, including Mangrove Cay, North Andros, and South Andros, in addition to hundreds of cays and mangroves.
This island is perfect for those who want to enjoy the sea, sand and sun of the Bahamas but away from the hustle and bustle of the activities and adventures as found in the previous locations. Instead, this spot is ideal for any nature lover who wants to experience new animals.  There are 200 different species of birds native only to Andros Island, making this island special in its own way. In addition to this, this unique flare is paired with the fact that Andros is home to the world’s third-largest barrier reef at over 140 miles (225km) long. Experience marvellous marine life and excellent diving sites when you pick this as your destination in the Bahamas.

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👍 Many restaurants in the Bahamas will automatically add a 15% gratuity to your bill.

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🐽 The Paddling Pigs

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August 30, 2023

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