Slovenia Road Trip: Visiting Highlights From Lake Bled to Piran

A profoundly beautiful and pristine country that boasts historic cities, beautiful lakes, iconic peaks, and pristine coastal towns. Renting a car and taking a road trip is the perfect way to see the different aspects of the country. Take Slovenia at your own pace and experience the best of what the country has to offer. No matter the time of year, exploring Slovenia by road will have you charmed by its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural history.

What to expect? 🗺️🚗

Considering this small European country is astonishingly gorgeous in every way, it is also massively underrated. That means, when planning a road trip here, some may not know what exactly to expect compared to other popular trips in other nations. Whether you are planning a trip with your family, other hikers, or those who love a great road trip, Slovenia will not disappoint and is definitely the location for you. Expect to spend most of your time in the great outdoors, either strolling along picture-perfect lakes and mountains or hiking one of the many peaks this mountainous-lined nation boasts. Considering the country is surrounded by the Slovenian Alps, there will be a number of activities and views to enjoy. Whilst this trip will have you on your feet and climbing to new heights, literally, there is also an element of eating, shopping, and exploring the scenic city streets, especially in the capital city of Ljubljana.
Bovec, Slovenia

Start your journey in Ljubljana 🇸🇮

Considering Ljubljana is the largest city and the capital of Slovenia, it is only right that your trip ought to start in this wonderful location. This is the perfect start to allow you to truly understand the culture and people of the nation whilst enjoying tradition and the buzz of the city. To get acquainted with the city, enjoy one of the many walking tours to enjoy the bright and colourful Venetian architecture. Hop between wine bars and cafés along the Ljubljanica River, visit Preseren Square and the Triple Bridge or enjoy the boutique shops and wonderful restaurants.
Top sites and landmarks you must see when in the capital include; Ljubljana Castle. The castle houses a museum exhibition on Slovenian history and a plethora of activities that encourage families and children to enjoy themselves. While visiting the castle in the morning allows you to avoid the hustle and bustle of crowds, visiting in the evening allows guests to enjoy the ​​sunset over Ljubljana with the mountains in the background.
Other top spots include; the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Metelkova Mesto;  a neighbourhood that is covered with graffiti perfect for capturing some cool shots or, Neboticnik; which offers an aerial view over Ljubljana.
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Next Up… Visit Lake Bled 🚤

After spending some time in Ljubljana, we recommend you wake up early on the day of your departure from the capital and hit the road. Travel takes around 45 minutes from the capital to the lake but be prepared for any unprecedented traffic. Lake Bled’s hotspots can be done in a day, but for a full, immersive experience that allows you to enjoy every minute without a rush, we recommend you plan to stay a few days here on your road trip.
Lake Bled is s a lake in the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia. It is one of the top tourist spots in Slovenia and is absolutely enchanting, and is highly deserving of its fame. Lake Bled is full of different attractions and activities. Some of which are right within walking distance of the town, while others may be a bit of a drive away.
Enjoy the phenomenal views of the lake from the top of Bled Castle. This is one of the oldest Medieval castles in the entire nation and is definitely a spot you need to tick off of your list. In addition to the gorgeous views, explore the ins and outs of the Castle itself, from the wine cellars to the chapel or the courtyards. After enjoying all that the castle has to offer, take a walk along Bled on one of the many routes. The distance around the lake is around 6 km / 3.7 miles but doesn’t need to be fully completed however, if you do, make the most of taking breaks and enjoying attractions on your way around. Depending on your interest and fitness levels, you can drive to viewpoints and hike your way up to them. Once at the spots, enjoy the unparalleled views and step your Instagram game up! Plan a day to hike up one of the mountains - Triglav is the highest point in Slovenia, and this hike gives you the chance to make it to the summit.
Lake Bled, Slovenia

From Bled to Bovec… 🏊

One of the top spots in Bled, the Vrsic Pass, continues down towards the village of Bovec, where it is recommended to spend a couple of days. Bovec has an abundance of beautiful gorges and canyons. Therefore, canyoning is one of the most popular activities in the area, which you should spend some time enjoying. With these gorges and canyons comes a plethora of waterfalls, rivers and streams, making for brilliant watersports spots. Guests can take part in a number of water-based activities, including; fishing, kayaking, canyoning, rafting and swimming.
Before trekking the Soca trail that starts at the source of the Soca River and continues down to Bovec, appreciate the Soča and its tributaries and the nature, the hum of the rivers and the crystal clear water. The emerald green pools of the River Soča make this a lively and gorgeous spot to spend time with your family and friends when partaking in the plethora of activities here. If you are road-tripping in summer, hop out of your van or car and refresh yourself on the river banks of the Soča Valley. After days in the sun, splashing and trying new activities, head back on the trail to the centre of Bovec. If you do not want to take on the entire trail, enjoy sections of the trail and drive your way to a few different highlights in Bovec.
Bovec, Slovenia

Finish up with Piran 💙

After creating your own journey and exploring the best of Slovenia, finish your trip up in Piran. Piran is a wonderful little town to visit on the Adriatic Sea. Sit back and relax after days or weeks of walking, talking, exploring and doing new things. Catch some rays and take a stroll through Piran’s well-known colourful main square, medieval walls, Venetian-style bell tower, and beaches.
Whether you want to enjoy the beaches first or explore, this town will not disappoint. Get lost down Piran’s charming alleyways and embrace the town's culture. Piran comprises dozens of narrow stone passageways, cobbled alleys and pitched streets interspersed with small market squares, fountains and sculptures. Once exploring every corner of the town, head to landmarks like; St. George’s Parish - Piran’s prettiest church, or climb the Campanile Bell Tower for even more beautiful views.
Once you have seen the best of Piran, we recommend you head back to Ljubljana to finish your trip up and catch your flight back home!
Piran, Slovenia

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When to visit

🌷🍂 It is recommended to undertake a road trip route in late Spring, Summer, or early Fall.

Road Conditions

🚗 Slovenia has a well-developed road network that is safe for travel.


🚤 Lake Bled

🏛️ Piran

🇸🇮 Ljubljana

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