Planning a Family Getaway to Hilton Head? Here's What You Need to Know

Hilton Head Island, nestled along the South Carolina coast, is a charming island commonly sought by families for the ideal blend of relaxation and exciting activities. If you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation with beaches and attractions, we’ve got you covered with the essential information on Hilton Head holidays.

Resort vs Vacation Rental

Ah, the common dilemma faced by most families for their vacations: should we go for the luxury of a resort or the comfort (and more homey feeling) of a vacation rental? 

If going for a resort, this should be a hassle-free experience with all the necessary amenities. On-site dining options as well as organised activities for children and cleaning services all make for a highly convenient stay. 

However, this often proves to be not only expensive but also quite crowded. 

The vacation rental option, on the other hand, offers a more private experience, providing a comfortable and relaxing space for families to enjoy. These short-term rentals will usually come with fully-equipped kitchens and laundry facilities, as well as everything else that you might need to feel at home. They’re not as complete in amenities as resorts, that’s for sure, but they make up for it in flexibility, privacy and a lower cost.

Regardless of what kind of accommodation you go for, you should keep some specific family-friendly amenities in mind to make sure that both parents and children have a lovely time in Hilton Head. 

This includes pools, playgrounds, how easy the access to the beach is and what kind of recreational activities are available – depending on the type of family vacation you are looking for, these will have different priority levels for you.

Family-friendly activities

To ensure an unforgettable vacation for every family member, planning activities is a must.

First and foremost, the beaches at Hilton Head Island are an exciting part for all ages. Make sure to check out Coligny Beach Park (or go for the more secluded Driessen Beach Park if you prefer serenity). 

Heading to the beach with your family will probably mean hours of swimming, building sandcastles, playing volleyball or simply sunbathing – and the beaches on Hilton Head are the ideal place for all of these.

If you get bored of beaches, don’t worry: there’s also a whole world of outdoor exploration. You can get on a bike and go enjoy some scenic rides along the island’s endless trails, hire a kayak to venture out into the diverse aquatic ecosystem (you might even see some dolphins!) or simply join a nature walking tour to learn more about the flora and fauna that inhabit the island’s lush forests and marshlands. 

Our tip: if you’d like to observe some of the native wildlife in their natural habitats, head over to the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, a sanctuary for ecological diversity. 

For some excitement and adventure, Hilton Head also offers a variety of family attractions from miniature golf courses to water parks and museums.

As the day comes to an end, a lot of evening entertainment options arise as well. If the weather is good, consider going to a concert, a firework display or outdoor cinema. 

Planning Ahead

When preparing for a family getaway to Hilton Head, don’t forget the most important preparation step: planning ahead.

Here are some practical tips to make sure your trip is as enjoyable as you want it to be:

Packing essentials

It’s important to bring high SPF sunscreen and reapply it several times throughout the day (the sun might feel lovely, but you really should protect yourself from harmful UV rays). 

And, of course, pack some towels, umbrellas, sand toys and beach chairs to make sure your beach experience is as pleasant as possible. For the evening outings or nature excursions, bring insect repellent. 

Safety tips

Always keep a close eye on children near the water – both at the pool and at the beach. If necessary, ensure the youngest wear appropriate floatation devices. 

Remember to protect yourself and your family from sunburn and heat exhaustion by drinking a lot of water, staying in the shade during peak sun hours and wearing appropriate clothing. 

As for wildlife safety measures, make sure to respect posted signs and guidelines to avoid encounters with species that might be dangerous – Hilton Head is home to jellyfish and even alligators. 

Booking accommodation and activities

Last but not least, it might be important to secure accommodation and activities in advance. As Hilton Head is a very popular destination, especially during peak travel seasons, make sure you book everything well in advance to avoid last-minute stress (and higher costs). 

Planning a successful family getaway to Hilton Head requires careful preparation, but the memories will definitely make the effort worthwhile. By following our practical tips, you can plan a fun and stress-free vacation on this gorgeous island, packed with activities for everyone in the family to enjoy.

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Facts before you go

📍 Location

Beaufort County, South Carolina, US

🐟 Wildlife

Alligators, deer, sea turtles, dolphins, jellyfish, manatees...

🏖️ Beachfront length

12 miles (19km)

☁️ Climate

Humid subtropical

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