Paraguay or Uruguay? Visit Two of Latin America's Less Well Known Destinations

When you think of Latin America, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, or Mexico may pop to mind for a sunny and cultural getaway. Paraguay and Uruguay, two other Latin locations that are severely underrated, must be added to your bucket list if you want to consider yourself the ultimate tourist or backpacker. Read on and learn about the two nations, their culture, and the hidden gems.

Why visit Paraguay? 🇵🇾

Paraguay, located in central South America, is landlocked by neighbours Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. Despite no phenomenal clear water seaside to escape to for tranquillity, Paraguay is rich in other attractive factors, and its culture and people are a reason to visit itself.

What to see in Paraguay? 👀

Paraguay is home to some cultural and historical landmarks, but mainly gorgeous natural wonders that need to be explored!

Saltos del Monday

One of Paraguay's many natural wonders is the Saltos del Monday. Located on the outskirts of Ciudad del Este, is a stunning series of powerful and phenomenal waterfalls. If you’re after a little thrill, this is for you as tourists can climb or abseil down the face of the waterfall.

Cerro Cora National Park

Known as the place of the last battle of the Paraguayan War, this national park is another place in the country where nature lovers can escape and take in the gorgeous landscape and vast array of nature. The park protects the Cerrado ecosystem, and the famous bellbird or pájara campana can be found there - so if bird watching is for you then head over to Cerro Cora to get a glimpse of the magnificent creatures. Tourists are also able to camp here for FREE. So if waking up to the sound of birds, surrounded by gorgeous greenery and cooking your food over flames sounds like something you’d enjoy, we recommend this national park.

Laguna Blanca

Although Paraguay doesn’t have any seasides for tourists to escape to and relax under the blazing summer sun with a cocktail, lilo and fresh beach towel, Laguna Blanca is the next best thing! Located between Park Cerro Corra on the north and San Rafael National Park on the south, Laguna Blanca is an attractive ecological area that contains a small lake that is crystal clear and perfect for diving or taking a quick dip to cool down in.
Saltos del Monday, Paraguay

Culture & People in Paraguay

Home to a population of 7,025,763 individuals. Paraguay has a rich and vibrant culture comprised of native Amerindian and Spanish cultures. People in Paraguay are very hospitable and enjoy a peaceful, leisurely paced life. They follow cultural traditions and celebrate their arts, music, crafts and sport.

Why visit Uruguay? 🇺🇾

Uruguay is a scenic and sunny location located on the southeastern coast of South America. With gorgeous beaches, friendly locals and peace allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of busier tourist locations, Uruguay is a must for your next summer holiday.

What to see in Uruguay? 👀

Explore Montevideo

The capital city of Uruguay is Montevideo - an eclectic, modern and colourful city. Different parts of this city are home to landmarks such as; Citadel Gate in Ciudad Vieja, or, the green square Plaza Independencia. Montevideo is a must to explore as not only will you see cultural landmarks but also you will get to dine on true traditional cuisine and wander around the museums that showcase the culture, history, and art of Uruguay.

Visit Punta del Este

Known as the ‘Monaco of the south’, this is Uruguay's most famous beach, where the rich and famous come to kick back and enjoy the strong rays of the South. The beach offers tourists soft golden sands to relax, play or take a wander on, and a vast array of watersports and is also an excellent location for whale spotting!

Discover the Past in Colonia del Sacramento

Head over to Uruguay's oldest city, Colonia. Its town centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the town's main attraction. Paved with cobblestone streets and lined with many historical buildings and ruins, including a museum where tourists can learn about Uruguay’s past.
Punta del Este Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay

When to visit Paraguay or Uruguay? ☀️

If you want to make the most of the Latin American sun, then the best time to visit is between March and November, when the weather is consistently warm, with temperatures of 73°F to 84°F daily. Temperatures are only hot or really hot here, with a few showers between December and February. Make sure to pack your hat and suncream! And aloe vera …
Sunset in Uruguay

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