Most Picturesque Spots in Sweden: Best Places for Every Season

From medieval towns, to breathtaking natural landscapes, Sweden is home to some of the most picturesque spots globally. Rich land jam packed with nature and wildlife, that is strictly preserved for generations to come. Sweden is home to the kinds of landscapes that make unforgettable trips, where bucket lists get ticked off and you see things you never imagined you would see.

Stockholm Archipelago - Summer 🏝️

A vast area of Sweden that ticks off every naturally beautiful element. This spot has something for everyone to enjoy/discover. This stunning landscape wraps around the capital city and gives access to tens of thousands of beautiful islands and islets. There are different elements for tourists to enjoy on each island including; undisturbed wildlife, the perfect hiking spots, kayaking spots and most importantly, the perfect places to take amazing pictures.
Average temperatures in Stockholm Archipelago vary greatly with some of the best times to go for the most picturesque moments being in July-August with the warmer weather resulting in an explosion of outdoor events that bring a wonderful atmosphere to the city.

Hornborgasjön - Spring 🐦

Hornborgasjön is a very special spot in Sweden, especially in Spring. Lake Hornborgasjön is mainly known for the thousands of cranes that arrive at the lake in April representing the start of Spring in this location. A large number of tourists each year travel from far and wide to see the lake when the cranes are ‘dancing’ around the lake. In addition to the lake, this spot is a brilliant place to enjoy walking through a number of trails that boast the beautiful landscapes of the marshes and heritage landscape.

Kungsparken in Malmö - Autumn 🍂

When the weather changes, and the leaves start to turn brown, a walk through a national park embracing the season's new layers of beauty is what everyone needs! The special Kungsparken in Malmö is beyond picturesque with a number of photo opportunities to be had. The waters of this park reflect the colors of autumn from the leaves of the trees above helping tourists to embrace the festivities of this season. This is one of Malmo’s top tourist destinations given the parks natural beauty and plethora of activities and attractions fit for everyone.

Abisko National Park - Winter ❄️

This spot is a classic region in the heart of Sweden’s lapland province. Majestic mountains frame the beautiful Abiskodalen valley with its flowering alpine meadows, picturesque rapids and Scandinavia’s largest alpine lake. This is the ultimate winter destination to visit with picturesque views that are sure to leave you breath taken. The park is a magical and diverse habitat with views that attracts many visitors – in fact, Abisko is the most visited national park in the country. Head here in Winter to embrace the festive period, with its views and its diverse wildlife such as; the arctic fox, reindeer, elks, and lemmings.

Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland, in the northwest of Sweden, is by far the best place to see the Northern Lights in Sweden. This may be the most picturesque landscape in the whole of Sweden… However, this province is relatively large, with a number of areas that offer different experiences and views of the stunning Aurora Borealis. Areas to visit include; Särkimukka: A small village in the middle of the Taiga forests - A beautiful, quiet location to see the Northern Lights in Sweden, Porjus – a town with live webcams of the sky so you know when Northern Lights displays are happening and, Tärendö: Small town with flat terrain so it’s easy to see an aurora display above.

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Imogen Kemp
August 30, 2023

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