Mallorca: And Why You Should Go To Formentera Instead

When it comes to Spanish island getaways, Mallorca often steals the spotlight. Its vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, and cultural attractions make it a popular destination for travellers. However, nestled just a short ferry ride lies Formentera, an enchanting island offering a more serene and authentic Spanish experience. Delve into the hidden wonders of Formentera and why it's worth considering as an alternative to Mallorca.

How To Get There 🛥️🗺️🇪🇸

Located just under 9 miles from Ibiza, Formentera is the southernmost gem of the Balearic Islands. Until recently, the only way of reaching this idyllic island was by ferry from Ibiza. With a quick and convenient half-hour journey on one of the very frequent ferry journeys, Formentera has become easily accessible. The island now offers ferry connections from various ports in mainland Spain, adding to its accessibility and allure.

Why Formentera? 🌴🌺✨

Nestled among the Balearic Islands, Formentera stands as a small but captivating gem that must be enjoyed! Stretching only 12 miles in length, this island boasts an impressive 43 miles of coastline. While Formentera's serene atmosphere never feels crowded, the population of 12,000 quadruples during the peak months of July and August with sunseeker tourists and holiday home oweners.
Whilst it is a quiet island, it possesses its own buzz. The minimal noise can be accredited to its regulations that preserve its sustainable environment. The island has limited the number of cars and encourages the use of electric vehicles. However, the best way to immerse yourself in Formentera's beauty is to rent a bike and meander along the mostly flat tracks, shaded by almond, juniper, and pine trees. These picturesque routes will lead you to hidden coves where you can enjoy a refreshing drink at a beachside bar with your feet in the sand. With 32 green routes to choose from, exploring the island becomes an adventure in itself.
After a day soaking up the sun, dive into the transparent waters and discover the thriving marine life beneath the surface. The excellent visibility allows you to witness an abundance of species with just a mask and snorkel, eliminating the need for diving expertise. Prepare to be amazed as you encounter octopuses, scorpion fish, lobsters, and even moray eels, among many other fascinating creatures that call these waters home.

What To Do In Formentera? 👀🍹🐠

Whilst Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands, it is not short of things to see or do. This serene and naturally stunning location leaves tourists feeling nothing but fulfilled with an immersive visit to a breathtaking location. Here’s some top things to do when visiting:
✨ Visit San Francesc: The small town of San Francesc takes centre stage of all places to visit here, acting as the island's unofficial capital. As you wander through its quaint streets, you'll stumble upon an art and crafts market nestled beside the main church. Here, local artisans showcase their talents, offering a delightful array of ceramics, jewelry, and more making for the perfect keepsake and memoir of your trip.
🛍 Craft Markets (La Mola): Take a trip to just outside the village of El Pilar de la Mola and visit the craft market. Taking place every Wednesday and Saturday, this vibrant market overflows with stalls brimming with locally crafted treasures. Lose yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as live music fills the central square, and indulge in a refreshing sangria on one of the bar terraces that encircle the market.
🚲 Ride The Streets: There is no better way than to explore the island by bike or moped. With its flat terrain and dusty coastal paths, embarking on a cycling adventure becomes a truly memorable and explorative experience. Set off on the Ausblick auf Binnensee Loop, starting from es Pujols. This hour-long route offers panoramic views and gentle pathways that embrace the island's natural beauty. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual explorer, this route promises to be a memorable one for any tourist!
🏖 Explore Hidden Beaches: No trip to Formentera is complete without seeking solace in secluded sands. Whether it's by foot or by wheels, venture off the beaten path to discover hidden beaches and coves that will truly enchant you. Ses Platgetes, easily accessible from Es Caló, is a smaller, quieter, and undeniably dreamy alternative to the island's popular beaches. Lose yourself in its tranquil beauty - whether thats enjoying the gentle chill of the crystal clear waters or soaking in the sun.

Where To Stay In Formentera? 🌵 💤 🏨

🦎 Gecko Beach Club: For those seeking sleek modernity, Gecko Hotel & Beach Club stands as a testament to refined elegance. This establishment exudes contemporary style and sophistication. Immerse yourself in its sleek ambiance and revel in the luxurious amenities it has to offer. From modern surroundings to the boom of Bossa Nova beats from in house DJs and, poolside hammocks and beach cabanas this spot is not short of what people desire for a holiday. This haven of chilled-out charisma invites you to immerse yourself in experiences that draw inspiration from the breathtaking surroundings. Whether its paddling in its crystalline waters or taking a walk along its stretch of coast, you will not be disappointed when visiting.
🌴 Hotel Casbah: Tucked away amidst a cluster of pine trees, this hidden gem is a haven of tranquility. Each Finca-style room boasts its own secluded outdoor space or terrace where you can unwind in the summer sun with your toes in its beautiful pool. With its charming two-story white-stone buildings, the hotel features 30 thoughtfully designed bedrooms that exude simplicity and Mediterranean influences. The design aesthetic is refreshingly unfussy, and showcases the essence of the region.

Where To Eat & Drink In Formentera? 😋🍴🥑

🍸 Kiosko 62: When it comes to embracing the barefoot beach culture no trip to Formentera would be complete without a visit to Kiosko 62. This spot invites you to kick off your shoes and unwind in true Balearic style as you sink your toes into the sand, indulge in the delicious dishes and beverages that await you. The cocktails served here are handcrafted by skilled bartenders, ensuring a memorable and refreshing experience. Whether it's a classic favourite or an innovative creation, each sip is a delightful journey for the taste buds.
🦐 Beso: The food at Beso is a highlight in itself. With a promise to tantalise your taste buds, the menu offers a delightful array of culinary delights. From fresh seafood to delectable Mediterranean flavors, each dish is crafted with precision and passion. Allow yourself to be swept away by the vibrant energy and soulful atmosphere that makes this beach club a true gem

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