How to Visit Greenland and What You Can Do

Time to take a trip to the world’s largest island, we think so!  A land that’s rich in both human and natural history that doesn’t fail to captivate the imaginations of brave explorers. A stunning location off the beaten track, jampacked with majestic glistening natural beauty. How to visit? We’re about to tell you how and what to see on your adventure here! Take a look at our other off the beaten track locations here!

How To Travel To Greenland 🚢🛫

Dating back to when Inuit people first inhabited the island following the Ice Age to when the Vikings sailed ashore from lands to the east, the best way to visit was by boat, of course! However, your options to travel by sea have vastly improved over the last thousand years or, travellers can opt to fly to the island.

Why Visit Greenland? 🇬🇱

Despite being what seems in the middle of no where and a relatively remote location, Greenland is worth visiting for a number of reasons! Greenland is home to the world’s second-largest ice sheet, after Antarctica, and this majesty of glistening natural beauty is one of the best reasons to visit the island. With a blend of remarkable landscapes, exceptional wildlife, iceberg-choked fjords and colorful tundras, tourists here will not be short of a great snap or two.

Here’s some of the top things to do …

Kayaking - Greenland is the birthplace to the kayak itself. Therefore, it is a known fact that kayaking opportunities are epic here! A lot of Greenland can be explored by kayak, so, if you’re any good, its a great opportunity to explore the island like this rather than by foot. Glide over crystal clear waters and enjoy the nature-filled experience with the towering fjords above you.
Experience Authentic Innuit Culture - Ever wondered what it was like to live in the far north? Well, when visiting Greenland you have the opportunity to discover the Greenlandic communities and culture. Enjoy the traditions of the Thule people; hunting, kayaking, dog sledding and making handicraft for generations.
Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland
See The Northern Lights - Who wouldnt love to see the Aurora Borealis?!  For 300 nights of the year, stare up into the clear skies of Greenland and enjoy the magical display of northern lights in Kangerlussuaq. These enchanting northern lights illuminate the Arctic with colors that vary from green, purple and red. The most dramatic displays are visible between October and April, when there are more than 300 days and nights of clear sky in East Greenland.
Northern lights above Nuuk, Greenland
Visit Tasermiut Fjord - Take a trip to one of Greenlands most popular tourist spots - Arctic Patagonia, the Tasermiut Fjord. This fjord is considered one of the most challenging big wall playgrounds in the world. Known for its superior rugged rock faces, this spot makes for a brilliant epxloration site as well as a challenging climbing spot. Fully immerse yourself in nature at this spot, climbing, hiking or even relaxing in one of the hot springs located here.
Tasermiut Fjord, Grønland
Visit The Wilderness of Greenland National Park - National Park in North Eastern Greenland is the world’s largest national park and is surrounded by 11,000 miles of coastline. Several species of arctic animals can be observed throughout the park including polar bears, walruses, caribou, fox and more. The ultimate spot for nature lover!
Greenland National Park

When Is The Best Time To Visit?

The best time to visit Greenland is either between December and March or June and September, depending on what you'd like to see and do.
Greenland experiences four distinct seasons, it is the winter and summer months which draw the most travellers to this fascinating country. Make the msot of winter sports and festive feelings during the colder months!
Scoresby Sund, Greenland

Starting from Skratch? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Greenland - Facts before you go


🇬🇱 Greenlandic


💰 Danish Krone


Tipping is not particularly common in Greenland

Famous for...

🏔 Vast Tundras & Immense Glaciers

🛶 Kayaking

🍤 Seafood Exports

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August 30, 2023

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