Guide to Working Remotely in Lisbon - What to Know Before Making the Move

The world’s traditional working norms have been reshaped recently due to the pandemic locking us all in, meaning we resorted to our sofas, gardens, and beds to complete our day-to-day tasks. Although we seem to be on the other side of the COVID-19 outbreak, the way companies work has changed and is more flexible than ever. Digital nomads are on the rise, and work is completed from absolutely anywhere and everywhere! But where to work from… Lisbon is a new hotspot for digital nomads. Here’s a guide to what makes the Portuguese capital a good location for remote working.

Why Go Remote In Lisbon? 🇵🇹🖥️📱

Having just been named the best country in the world to be a remote worker by the travel research website Momondo, Portugal has capitalised massively on location-independent ways of working, especially in its capital city of Lisbon. Lisbon has been found to have a great sense of community, brilliant tech opportunities and, a high quality of life for those who work and live there.
The Portuguese capital appeals to the younger, and primarily Gen Z group of digital nomads who want to work as hard as they play. It is the ideal location for remote workers who quite simply want the best of both worlds and to shape their own working patterns and norms. With an abundance of stunning beaches, plenty of places to eat and drink (cheaply) as well as, a growing population of fellow digital nomads, there is no wonder people are making the move here.
Tram in streets of Lisbon
Summers of Lisbon, Lisbon

How Do I Meet People In Lisbon? 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻💛

Focussing in on the growing population of tech savvy workers in Lisbon, what nomads have reportedly found to have loved best about this location is this sense of community amongst this group of workers. If your’re considering moving out to Lisbon to work remotely and are worried about being lonely and meeting new people in an unfarmiliar place, there is the Lisbon Digital Nomads Facebook group which has nearly 19,000 members, and arranges weekly meetups for networking, socializing, eating, and just unwinding. This is a great way to find your feet when moving out to Lisbon and to network with other freelancers and/or remote workers like yourself.
As well as the booming tech social life out in Lisbon, there is also its lifestyle. Lisbon is one of Europe’s most human-friendly capital cities. Covering an area of 370 square miles and a population of 2.6 million, you are bound to meet people here. With a fabulous nightlife in which hundreds of bars and restaurants come alive at nightfall and fill with activity till the early morning hours and even more cafes and restaurants filling out in the day with tourists, expats and locals, there is always somewhere to go and people to see here in Lisbon.
Lisbon skyline at night
Lisbon At Night

Where Shall I Work In Lisbon? ☕💻

With the rise in remote workers in Lisob, it means that the city has had to really up its workspaces! There is a plethora of stunning work spaces in the city that offer delicious food and most importantly, coffee. Some of the city’s top ranked spaces include:
Second Home Lisboa - A stunning space for digital nomads that is part work space, part greenhouse. Filled with desks as well as hundreds of gorgeous green plants, this is the perfect spot to crack on with your list of daily work tasks and be around nature. A sustainable way of working, with the hope to reduce their overall carbon footprint, this is the greenest way to work! Housed above the storied 19th Century Mercado da Ribeira, Lisboa is co-working and community combined.
Village Underground - A super chic and unique workspace comprised of 14 old shipping containers and two double decker buses fro the 60’s, this spot has creatively reused to build the perfect workspace. Open to digital nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, this spot is a must to visit at least once when trying to find your ideal working location in Lisbon.
Hello, Kristof - A light and airy coffeeshop with fabulously roasted brews that tase amazing! Filled with a unique interior, loads of independent magazines as well as super strong and fats wifi this is a greta spot for mixing up your working week!
Second Home co-working space in Lisbon
Second Home Lisboa Workspace

Is The Internet Good In Lisbon? 🌐

Wi-fi is everywhere in Lisbon, including in most cafes, and downloads speeds of 25 Mbps or more are standard. Mobile 4G coverage is  widespread across the city. It certainly makes our list of countries with best internet speeds!

Where Shall I Live In Lisbon? 🏘️

There is an abundance of Hotels and guesthouses plotted about the3 city but, it is completely up to you and where you would like to live! Most digital nomads in Lisbon have been found to have rented apartments and rooms or co-living accommodations and these tend to be close by or attached to workspaces. Places to stay or live can always be found on Air BnB but demand for rentals during holiday seasons sky rocket so be prepared for this!
Neighborhood in Lisbon
Lisbon Neighborhood

Practicalities To Know When Living In Lisbon 🧳 ✅

Climate: Spring (March–May) and autumn (September–August) are optimum, with balmy temperatures and quieter streets; Summer (June–September) sees Lisbon mobbed by tourists. Many nomads relocate during the cold and quiet Winter.
Getting there: Lisbon Portela Airport, Lisbon.
Getting around: Trains and buses connect with Lisbon from across Europe.
Living costs: From €1000 per month.
LGBTQ+-friendly: Yes

Starting from Skratch? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Lisbon - Facts before you go


🇵🇹 Portuguese


💶 Euro

Time Zones

⏰ Western European Summer Time (GMT +1)


💰5 to 10 percent of the final bill as a tip

Known for

🎉 Fabulous Nightlife

🚋 Tram Network

🎵 Fado Music

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