Beautiful Beaches of Southeast Asia - Guide to the Region's Most Instagrammable Beaches

White sand, crystal clear waters, endless sun loungers and the bright and beaming sun. What more could you want when heading off on a beach holiday? Well, South East Asia is full of them. There are countless islands and even more beaches across the region. So many that you’ll be spoilt for choice but, we have narrowed it down to some of the most instagrammable for you.

Hikkaduwa Beach, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

Kicking off with Sri Lanka is the Hikkaduwa Beach. Best known for its beauty and surfing opportunities, this beach will help you snap a perfect pic for your grid! With stunning coral reefs, different species of fishes swimming along the shore, and turtles that make an appearance every morning, this beach is worth a visit. With bars, restaurants and activities such as snorkelling, this is an ideal location for tourists who want a relaxing recharge.
Hikkaduwa Beach, Sri Lanka

Parai Tenggiri, Pulau Bangka, Indonesia 🇮🇩

This beach is one of the prettiest in Bangka, Indonesia. With its unique granite rock formation that defines the shoreline of this beach, this location is gorgeous and is highly instagrammable! With soft cream coloured sand, crystal clear waters and dotted with colourful fisherman boats, this beach is picturesque and will have you wishing you never had to leave. It is a privately owned beach meaning visitors will face a minor charge upon arrival; however, this will gift you with a welcome drink making the experience all that bit more magical. Kick back and relax in the sun or partake in water activities and get some even better pics of you in action!
Parai Tenggiri, Pulau Bangka, Indonesia

Pink Beach, Komodo National Park, Indonesia 🇮🇩

I don’t think a beach could be any more instagrammable than this one … one of the seven pink beaches in the world, you must add this to your bucket list and get the bragging rights and insta likes for this one! With pretty pink sand that is said to have come from coral rubble, shells and calcium carbonate, this beach is extremely unique. The gorgeous sand is paired with turquoise waters making up one of the most aesthetically pleasing beaches in the world. Pictures and days spent here are beyond dreamy. Turn around and take in the phenomenal views of gorgeous green rolling hills and bright blue skies as the sun beams down onto your skin.
Pink Beach, Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand 🇹🇭

Located in Krabi, Thailand, lies the small peninsula, Railay Beach. Visitors must take a boat to access this magical beach, guarded by colossal limestone cliffs, cutting off mainland access. The location boasts clean, pristine beaches with a jungle-laden mountain coastline. There are numerous activities to pursue on this beach, but you can’t beat simply unwinding. Taking in your surroundings is an activity alone; the fantastic makeup of this peninsula will allow for the perfect Instagram pics to be taken. The cliffs are open for visitors to rock climb on, so this beach is for you if you’re looking for a thrill-seeking experience!
Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Parola Island, Camarines Norte, Philippines 🇵🇭

This beach is a hidden gem in the Philippines. An isolated shore located in the tranquil waters of Camarines Norte. This small beach island is massive in views, appeal, and cool vibes. Only accessible via boat ride to and from the mainland of Bicol, this is a very quiet and discreet beach that has a smaller crowd. So if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the mainland, then this is for you. This beach is a low-key Instagram spot, boasting a panorama of turquoise seas, golden sands, and swaying palms.
Parola Island, Camarines Norte, Philippines

Starting from Skratch? Here are some tips to help you get started:

South East Asia - Tips to know when travelling here

💸 It's predominantly a cash economy

☀️ SE Asia is very humid so pack cotton/light clothing

💵 💶 Dollars or Euros come in handy if you can't find an ATM - they're easy to change

🐛 Insect repellent is a MUST

💧 Only drink bottled water!

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Imogen Kemp
August 30, 2023

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