Affordable Luxury? 7 Cheap 5-Star Hotels You Should Know

Everyone wants to experience being pampered in a top-of-the-line luxury 5-Star hotel every now and then, but far too often do we find ourselves shying away from these premium experiences due to the hefty price tags that come attached. If you find yourself craving a seat in the lap of luxury without having to empty your coffers, look no further than our list of 7 cheap 5-Star hotels that are sure to give you some high-end bang for your buck.

Tokyo - Pullman Tokyo

Situated right by Tamachi station in Minato, the Pullman Tokyo gets away with having far below average 5-Star hotel costs by keeping some distance from the most bustling boroughs, while making efficient use of the space it provides in traditional Tokyo style. The rooms leave little to be desired amenities-wise, even including a gym on the top floor for customers looking to either keep up a good routine or work up an appetite before heading out to enjoy one of Tamachi’s many noodle bars and partake in one of Tokyo’s greatest pleasures, witnessing the nightlife of a business district unfold as characters roll in to the bars to loosen their ties and tell tales of their days gone by.

Tuscany - Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno

Tuscany can be seen as one of the major art capitals of the world, being the birthplace of many prolific renaissance art pieces including Michelangelo’s ‘David’ statue. Perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of Tuscany’s artistic side is the breath-taking landscape, something on full display at the Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno. Coupled with the reasonable price, it’s hard to beat a complimentary breakfast while overlooking the Livorno sea front, which perfectly sets the tone for some of the more soothing activities you can take part in during your stay. Be it a trip to one of the local spas, a short walk to the beach, or a more up-close-and-personal interaction with the local sea life at the Livorno Aquarium.

Bora Bora - Villa Yrondi

Luxury 5-Star tropical island getaways are rarely synonymous with affordable, but knowing where to look for accommodation can make these dream holidays seem a lot more realistic.

Villa Yrondi offers a variety of fantastic ways to enjoy your stay on Bora Bora, including a library and rooftop terrace for those looking to find solace in the tranquillity of a good novel while gazing out upon a view of the imposing Mount Otemanu. For those looking to enrich their mind through a more visual format, a stroll through the VIlla itself provides a tour of a gallery of artworks created by Garrick Yrondi himself, depicting many colourful renditions of the Polynesian islands, before leading you out to the Villa’s garden, also designed by the artist. 

A bicycle rental service for those looking to get outside and fully take advantage of the pure island air. Between this and the close proximity to Matira Beach and Vaitape Harbor, guests will find it hard to look for excuses not to get out and enjoy the island!

Singapore - Mandarin Orchard Singapore/ Hilton Singapore Orchard

It is well known that few locations embody the idea of balling on a budget quite like Singapore, with an impressively low average 5-Star hotel price compared to its global competition, you would be hard pressed not to find somewhere affordable to serve as a base to explore the island, but this location stands out as an exemplary example of cheap luxury. 

The Mandarin Orchard Singapore, to be renamed the Hilton Singapore Orchard once it comes under new management in January 2022, is perfectly designed to suit the needs of any visitor looking to have easy and affordable access to the business side of Singapore with its close proximity to the Somerset and Orchard MRT stations. It also fully caters to those looking for a luxury retail experience, being located right next to Mandarin Gallery, a destination recognised across the nation as an impressive mix of big brands and indie offerings to suit anyone’s shopping needs.

Paris - Hôtel 9Confidentiel 

Paris may not usually be one’s first port of call when weighing up options for living in the lap of luxury on a budget, but there are few places where it pays to know how to not empty out your wallet quite like the city of love.  It's hard to deny the appeal of an impulsive getaway in this legendary bastion of culture and romance while sleeping soundly in a comfy 5-Star room that you know isn’t completely breaking your bank account.

The Hôtel 9Confidentiel offers picturesque accommodation, with décor from designer Phillipe Starck, in the heart of the Marais district. I don’t need to sing the artistic praises of Paris itself and its many noteworthy landmarks, all easily accessible with a metro stop only 3 minutes from the hotel. But even if you’ve seen all the glitz and glam of the city itself, Marais is immensely charming all by itself, with a number of world-class restaurants just around the corner, the area gives a real insight into a less tourist-focused location and lets you get familiar with more of the Parisian residential culture.

Jamaica - Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica

For the majority of the hotels we’ve selected here, their locations and surrounding amenities have played a big role in making it on this list, but this next location boasts the accolade of being an entirely self-sufficient resort that you can devote an entire holiday to itself and still walk away invigorated.

The Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica provides guests with just about anything they need for a fully comprehensive pool-side resort vacation. There are multiple a la carte restaurants serving a variety of continental cuisine from Japanese to Italian ensuring your taste buds won’t be bored for the duration of your stay. The huge beach-facing pool, as pictured above, features a unique lake-like structure being separated by beach huts and bridges for easy interconnectivity no matter what end you find yourself soaking in. To top it all off, the pool leads directly to a private 800 meter beachfront where you can spot nesting turtles surveying the sand.

Amsterdam - Pestana Amsterdam Riverside 

Amsterdam’s been known as a budget hunter’s haven for those looking to spend a long weekend away from the doldrums of daily life. Popular with students and career hounds alike, the city serves as a home away from home for many known for being incredibly hospitable and inviting to tourists. Whether it’s your 1st or 15th time, it may well be worth looking into our final pick for a cheap luxury getaway in this affordably fantastic city.

The Pestana Amsterdam Riverside sits on the Amstel river, offering a tranquil view of the residents of the city commuting into the city centre as well as the various boats traversing the canal. The hotel comes equipped with a notably modest colour scheme, favouring crème and lighter blue between the rooms and spa facilities. Almost everything in and around the hotel seems to sell an idea of humility and repose, a perfect fit for the city. This coupled with the proximity to the De Pijp and the Hermitage Museum ensures a holiday that steeps you in culture and refreshes you both in body and soul.

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Average 5-Star Hotel Cost per night:

Tokyo - Japan

Average - £660

Pullman Tokyo - £116

Tuscany - Italy

Average - £629

Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno- £76

Bora Bora - Polynesia

Average - £745

Villa Yrondi - £132


Average - £202

Mandarin Orchard SIngapore/ Hilton Singapore Orchard - £83

Paris - France

Average - £677

Hôtel 9Confidentiel - £146


Average - £564

Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica - £142

Amersterdam - Netherlands

Average - £412

Pestana Amsterdam Riverside - £104

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