Dune's Arrakis Planet: Guide to Jordan's Wadi Rum Village

With its Arrakis red sands filmed in the latest sequel of movie Dune, the Wadi Rum Village is located in the South of Jordan, on the border of Saudi Arabia. The Valley of the Moon as it’s known, is a quintessential desert with plenty of activities and excursions for visitors to explore. From hiking the rocky mountains to camel rides, the visitor-friendly desert offers a range of things to experience for a fun day out as you embark on a spectacular trip around the country that is made from 75% sand.

Having been a place of beauty since prehistoric times, Wadi Rum Village is host to hiking tours, safaris, restaurants and even gives visitors the chance to camp on the Wadi Rum desert itself, surrounded by peace and sand for miles, we’ve listed a few of the must do’s for the perfect guide tour whilst at the scenic village.

Jeep Tour around Waki Rum Village

A quick trip to explore the natural wonders of Waki Rum

For those desperate to seek what the desert has to offer, visitors can take a ride in a jeep excursion stopping off at the Red Sand Dune, Lawrence Spring and the Mushroom Rock as well as indulging into a traditional Bedouin-style meal cooked outside on the fire. As one of the desert’s natural water sources, Lawrence’s Spring enables cool water to run down the mountains as the spout tumbles into the leafy small trees and green moss. A key point for camels, it is a great place to relax as visitors can enjoy the flamboyant colours of the desert.

Amongst the villages’ many bizarre rock formations, those on the trip can take a picture next to the iconic Mushroom Rock. Standing solely on a red rock plateau, surrounded by the red sands of Wadi Rum, its round head is perched on top of a stone stem, getting its name Mushroom, which over centuries of wind and rain the base of the rock eroded much faster than the above layer, shaping the rock to look like mushroom. And for those keen to have a photo with the unusual rock, it also provides efficient shelter where you can find respite from the desert’s heat.

The Mushroom Rock in Wadi Rum Village

A Hike around the Rocks

If the feel of the soft sand between your toes excites you, then a hike around Waki Rum is a perfect day out. With popularity for hiking in Jordan rising since its 650km stretch trail of mountain tops, deserts and streams, a hike around the Wadi Rum desert is full of walking, swimming, climbing and jumping as visitors can experience the ancient history as well as the beautiful scene the village has to offer. With choices of a guided expedition through a range of easy and challenging routes including the rocky Lawrence Spring for desert views, or, Khazali Canyon for a look at the ancient inscriptions that were discovered on the rocks, there is a route for all parts of Wadi Rum desert to experience.

Khazali Canyon at Waki Rum Village

Camel Treks through the desert

And if you want to experience the desert in a more traditional way, exploring the scenic rocks and mountains on the back of a camel is the best way to do it. Taking a trip through the Red Sand Dune on the Ships of the Desert is a once in a lifetime experience as visitors can take in the views from a camels’ hump. A camel trek is a great way to immerse yourself into the old way of life, and even though you won’t see as much as your would on a jeep, this way of travel is definitely more authentic.

Camel trekking around Waki Rum Village

Middle Eastern Cuisine on a desert

Of course, after a full day of experiencing life at Wadi Rum Village, there is no better way to finish a day of learning new culture then to taste its cuisine. Rum Castle is located in the village where a selection of Middle Eastern sandwiches, salads and meals await. Hillawi Camp is also a perfect place for some cultured cuisine on the red sands of Waki Rum.

Middle Eastern Cuisine at Waki Rum Village
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