A Tour of Europe's Micro States - San Marino, Andorra & More

Europe’s micro states, are small but jam packed with culture, history and lots of things to see and do. From snowy ski slopes in Andorra, to the luxury lifestyle in Monaco. A guide to the tiniest countries in the world and what to do in each one.

Andorra 🇦🇩

Andorra, the seventeenth smallest country globally, is sandwiched between Spain and France. Located in the Pyrénées mountains, this is a location known for its slopes and snowy winters! As well as its extremely popular ski resorts, Andorra is known for many other things, such as; tax-free shopping, the igloo ice hotel and its hiking trails.
Hit the slopes at one of Europe’s top skiing destinations. Its geographical location makes for the perfect powder to glide on. The country is home ot some of the busiest and most popular ski resorts, such as; Soldeu or Vallnord.
Shopping is a big attraction to this micro-state. This may be because all purchases are tax-free, and the capital’s streets are lined with thousands of department stores, fashion boutiques and hypermarkets, including some big luxury labels.
The Summer in Andorra is mild with clear skies. The perfect conditions for a hike through one of the country’s 3 national parks that are teeming with nature. Some of the animals who call the parks and forests home include golden eagles, bearded vultures, lizards, foxes and even wolves and bears.
The Mountains of Andorra

Liechtenstein 🇱🇮

This is the sixth smallest country in the world located in between Switzerland and Austria. Landlocked by the mountainous landscape of its neighbours, this is another popular skiing destination.
Take a dip in one of Liechtenstein many mountain lakes. Crystal clear bodies of water surrounded by picturesque mountains and trees. Perfect for cooling off in after a day in the Summer sun.
Take a trip to the Vaduz Cathedral. A Neo-Gothic cathedral that stands out against its background of the snowy Alps. It serves as the center of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vaduz, in the capital city of Vaduz. A trip here will throw you back in time and allow you to explore this gorgeous historical landmark.
Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein

Monaco 🇲🇨

Located on the French-Riviera is the luxurious and glamorous sovereign city-state of Monaco. Known as the ‘billionaire’s playground’, Monaco is host to glamorous events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix.
Despite being less than two square kilometres (smaller than Central Park), Monaco is jam packed with glitz, glamour and wealth. Did you know, one in three people who live in Monaco are millionaires?
Monaco is a must for any foodie. With a diverse culinary scene, the streets are lined with Michelin star restaurants and traditional brasseries and bistros. The country is home to a medley of cultures, and this is reflected in the cuisine; enjoy everything from French, Italian, Mediterranean, and fusion dishes.
If you’re heading to Monaco to explore and dive into its culture, take a trip to the Roman-Byzantine Cathédrale de Monaco. Home to the tombs of Monaco’s former princes and princesses, a looming altar and the white Carrara marble Episcopal throne. Rich in culture and history, Monaco is a must for your bucket list.
Harbour in Monaco.

Malta 🇲🇹

A stunning Mediterranean location, located near Sicily. Teeming with friendly people, a rich and long history, vibrant culture and gorgeous views.
After a sun, sea and sand holiday? Well, Malta is the location for you! With 20 beaches, crystal clear waters and gorgeous temperatures in the Summer, this makes for the perfect beach holiday were relaxation is key! The beaches have a slow pace and are perfect for beginner divers due to the low levels of dangerous fish.
Malta is also very well-known for its nightlife scene. So if you want to spend the day sunning yourself and the nights partying away till sunrise, then we recommend Malta. With a vast array of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and wine bars, you'll never be far from a good time.
Fisherman Village, Marsaxlokk, Malta

San Marino 🇸🇲

San Marino ranks as the 5th smallest country globally. Despite being tiny in size, its big in life!
Head to the capital town, Citta di San Marino where you will find most of the history. Narrow streets, famous castles, historical buildings and picturesque views of the tiny nation. The old town is comprise of slim streets that are home to tradition cafes, restaurants and museums. Put your best walking shoes on to wander the cobbled streets, steps and passageways of this old town.
If you’re a thrill seeker and love to head up high, take the two minute trip on the San Marino cable car and enjoy the spectacular views of your surroundings.
Cable Car View, San Marino

Vatican City 🇻🇦

This takes the top of the list as the world’s smallest country! Vatican city, a landlocked sovereign city-state located within the city of Rome in Italy,  famous for its large extension of museums, known as the Vatican Museums.
Vatican City is home to the most prolific Renaissance architecture.  You are sure to be wowed by the phenomenal architecture and detailing of each and every building and sculpture located here.
Vatican is also home to the highest hill in Rome - Monte Mario, When visiting this spot, you will have the best and most phenomenal views of Rome which is perfect when snapping some pics!
Vatican City

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Facts before you go

Language Spoken

🇦🇩 Catalan

🇱🇮 German

🇲🇨 French

🇲🇹 Maltese/English

🇸🇲 Italian

🇻🇦 Italian/Latin

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