A Guide to the Beautiful Beaches of Cyprus

Few places can match such a consistent level of quality as the many beaches of Cyprus. The island has raked in nearly 70 of the prestigious Blue Flag awards, accolades only given out to beaches that reach an incredibly high level of quality, as well as environmental protection, safety, water quality, and accessibility, making it the number 1 ranked country for noteworthy beaches by this award’s standards!

While Cyprus is the third largest Mediterranean island, the sheer number of impressive beaches densely packed together will make you feel like you barely have to travel at all to enjoy what the island country has to offer. You can easily bounce between ruin spotting and sunbathing as frequently as you please! With such a large number of sandy stretches, you may find yourself spoiled for choice, so we’ve narrowed your options down to a few highlights. You won’t go wrong with wherever you choose to focus your trip on, but hopefully this will help give you some ideas!

Coral Bay

First up to bat is the Paphos-based Coral Bay, a golden grained haven surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and filled with easily-traversable shallow waters. One of the biggest reasons this particular beach netted the coveted blue flag award is its accessibility. With its gorgeous shoreline and safe surf, it has become the perfect destination for anyone looking to bring their family and spend a day soaking in the sun while their young ones make the most of the sea.

The beach is of course covered with rentable sun-loungers and is very close to a variety of food and drink spots overlooking the harbour. This also makes it the ideal location to rent out a boat trip and sail around the shores for an amazing view of the clear blue waters and island coastline.

Blue Lagoon

Sticking with Paphos, we have another beach that is beloved for completely different reasons to Coral Bay! The Blue Lagoon requires a good deal of planning to reach as you’ll either have to get a ride by boat or by a 4 x 4 vehicle and once you arrive you will find facilities to be scarce, so it’s recommended that you bring your own packed lunch if you’re thinking about making the voyage.

Once you jump through these hoops, you’ll see why this secluded lagoon is so beloved. Its waters feature a uniquely enchanting shade of turquoise that is maintained by the country's efforts to shield the beach from any commercial development in the surrounding area. This allows for a stunning variety of underwater life around the coast, making this a coveted snorkelling spot.

The shallow waters and warm temperature of this isolated shore make it amazing for casual visits if you’re looking to get away from all the stress of the surrounding world. Between the brightly coloured fish and the mystical waters, it truly feels like you’ve been transported to another world!

Fig Tree Bay

Time to take a trip over to Potaras for one of the most iconic beaches Cyprus has to offer. Fig Tree Bay captures the hearts of locals and tourists alike whenever they lay their eyes on it. Named after the eye-catching fig trees that line its coast, this isolated islet is globally recognised as one of the most stunning beaches you can find anywhere in the world! At only 500 metres long, the waters are shallow and the local sea life is colourful and varied, making it great for kids! While this beach is definitely a one-in-a-lifetime experience and absolutely worth a visit, its famous status does mean that it will be crowded during peak season, so make sure you get there early to enjoy this slice of paradise all to yourself!

Lara Bay

Much like the Blue Lagoon, Lara Bay may require some planning to enjoy to the fullest. Accessible only via 4 x 4 vehicle and with  no facilities around, you will find yourself having to bring your own food. This bay makes all the extra effort worth it by offering you an untouched segment of sand that has become a favourite not only for people, but also wildlife!

If you are lucky, you may spot one of the many green or loggerhead turtles that like to come up on the shore and lay their eggs before returning to the sea. The nests of these calming creatures have been carefully marked out by volunteers, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally causing any harm. The bay also features a Conservation Station where turtles that are struggling to get back in the sea are treated and looked after, making the visit both educational and incredibly charming!

Nissi Beach

To end this guide with a bang, we will be highlighting Nissi Beach, a location that needs very little introduction as it is one of Cyprus’ most famous! Lauded for its beauty, this spot has garnered a reputation of being extremely popular with the younger crowds that frequent the island as Ayai Nappa is littered with beach bars and watersports, like jet skiing, volleyball, and windsurfing! It creates an electric atmosphere that’s hard to match anywhere else on the island.

The beach is also well known for its parties and routinely brings in world-class DJs to keep the vibe going all day long. If you’re looking for a dazzling destination that never stops entertaining, then Nissi Beach is your best bet!

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August 30, 2023

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