8 Unforgettable Experiences For Your Trip to Slovakia

Slovakia is a land of breathtaking beauty, rich history and traditions, beautiful cities that have their own levels of vibrancy and a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities for tourists to enjoy. We can see why, with tourism rates on the way up in this destination! Slovakia offers an off-the-beaten-track tourist experience that will both surprise and delight visitors. Here are the top 8 things to consider when taking a trip to Slovakia.

Budmerice, Slovensko

Go Hiking 🥾

Slovakia is home to some stunning landscapes and breathtaking views, which can be taken in when you take a hike on one of the many trails here. Slovakia has a lot of hiking and climbing possibilities, especially in the country's north. Serious hikers can make a beeline for the High Tatras, which offer several summits over 2,500 meters and fantastic bird’s eye views from lookout points like Lomnicky Stit. There are also trails that are perfect for beginner and intermediate hikers too. Head to the top of one of the hundreds of this nation's peaks, take a picture like no over, have a picnic and make the most of the views.
Lomnický štít, Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia

Take A Trip To A Castle 🏰

Slovakia is located in the centre of Europe, meaning, years and years ago, it held quite some value, with several other kingdoms trying to invade Slovak strongholds. This means that there are a number of castles dotted all over the nation as a result of the different kingdoms that dominated. During times of conflict, Slovak castles were often looted or set on fire if the invaders managed to penetrate the castle’s defence system. Now many castles lay in ruin, and you may be surprised to see the remains of ancient towers perched high atop a hill as you glance out of your train window. A number of these castles have been restored and are open to tourists to go inside and explore.
Bojnice Castle, Zámok a okolie, Bojnice, Slovakia

Go Skiing 🎿

Slovakia boasts some extraordinary mountains with some powdery white snow that is perfect for skiers of all levels to enjoy. With an abundance of ski resorts here, no equipment or experience, these hotels can provide everything you need as well as instructors. The most popular ski resorts in Slovakia are; Jasná, Chopok, Donovaly or VeÍká Raka.
Jasná, Demänovská Dolina, Slovakia

Go Wine Tasting 🍷

The southern part of Slovakia enjoys a temperate climate which is ideal for producing wine. If you fancy being a bit of a wine connoisseur, make sure you don’t miss out on a trip to this region to enjoy sampling Frankovka Modrá, a red wine similar to Pinot Noir. Another Slovak wine to try would be the Tokaj, a sweet white wine produced in the southeastern corner of the country near the Hungarian border.
Tokay, Slovakia

Party In Bratislava 🕺

Bratislava is the capital of the nation. Like many other capitals, this is where the buzz of bars, pubs and restaurants occurs. Bratislava is tiny compared to other capitals, but its nightlife is far from boring. There is a great variety of clubs and pubs. Enjoy a drink or two in one of the many bars or enjoy a live show at one of their intimate venues to watch an artist perform! Prices of beverages are relatively low here, which makes it a perfect place for stag and hen parties.
Bratislava, Slovensko

Visit A Thermal Spa 💆

Beneath the ground in Slovakia, several mineral springs provide curative water which can be used for relaxation and treatment of medical issues. Tourists have the great opportunity to visit one of the 21 thermal spa spots to enjoy the gorgeous waters. Kick back and enjoy a warm soak and a massage for a very reasonable price. Take a trip to the Trenčianske Teplice and enjoy an all-year-round open-air bath in the outside pool.

View The Folk Architecture 🏘️

Slovakia is home to thousands of traditional log houses in mountainous villages. A number of these villages are listed on the UNESCO world heritage list. Vlkolínec is one of these villages whose traditional beauty is unmatched. It is a tiny village hidden in a valley surrounded by incredibly green hills and is a jewel on the map of Slovakia. The traditional log houses are an example of a typical mountainous village in Central Europe and are something that every tourist must see!
Vlkolínec, Slovakia

Visit A Christmas Market 🎄

If you have the pleasure of visiting this beautiful nation at Christmas time, then you are in luck! Slovakia does not take Christmas lightly. Almost every town and village have their own Christmas markets, and the festivities are in mass. The biggest market is in the capital, Bratislava. Here tourists can enjoy traditional food and drink, gifts, activities and much much more. A number of traditional stalls pop up here and across the country, selling their festive goods.
Bratislava Christmas Market, Slovakia

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Slovakia - Facts before you go


🇸🇰 Slovak


💰 Euro


10% of the total is enough; 20 percent is too much.

Best time to visit

🌞 Spring can be the best time to visit when days tend to be warm with consistently pleasant, mild weather for most of May.

Famous for...

🏰 Castles

🇸🇰 Heritage Sites

🌊 Caves

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August 30, 2023

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