Working Remotely in Georgia: Experiencing the Latest Digital Nomad Hotspot

So you are looking for the next digital nomad hotspot, but do not know where to start? Lucky for you, we know a place. Nestled between Europe and Asia, Georgia offers real variety in the spice of life. Magical all year around, Georgia is the perfect destination for the digital nomads looking to change with the seasons. Even better than the weather is the people; warm and welcoming, Georgians are famous for their generosity and hospitality. Whether you are finding your feet or are a digital nomad pro, we recommend making Georgia your next stop. After all, a guest is “a gift from God” here.

Intersected between continents, Georgia offers the best of both worlds. Technically Asian but culturally European, visiting Georgia is like a ‘Highlights of Europe’ tour but with a South Asian price tag. Home to great mountains and water areas, including the Black Sea, Georgia is anything but limited in the natural sights it has to offer. The same can be said of its cities: from cobblestone capital Tbilisi to boardwalk Batumi and more, Georgia has plenty of amusement (and even an amusement park!) to keep you going at a budget-friendly cost.

Panoramic Wheel, Batumi
Panoramic Wheel, Batumi.

With low tax rates and lower living costs, Georgia is the perfect destination for those looking to save up some cash. Even its capital city Tbilisi is comparatively cheaper than the hotspots of Western Europe, explaining its success on the Go Nomad’s Top Thirty list. Best of all, applying for work as a digital nomad in Georgia is a free and easy process. So long as you have all the necessary documents, you can begin your online application to work there as soon as you wish. Georgian hospitality is no joke!

Moving In

Getting settled in a new country is not an easy process: it can be expensive, tiring and time-consuming. Plus, in an unfamiliar environment, you can find yourself feeling pretty lonely pretty quickly. Fortunately, there are ways that you can relieve the house-hunting pressure.

A brilliant short-term option would be to stay in an AirBNB. Although staying in an AirBNB for an extended period of time can be pricey, the accommodation options available tend to be high in quality and low in cost. By staying in one of these hosted houses, it makes the transition into the Georgian way of life all the more easier. If an AirBNB is out of your price range, then the Fabrika Hostel is also a desirable option. Although similarly unideal for long-term living, Fabrika offers everything from mixed dorms to apartment and private rooms. Located in the historical district of Tbilisi, Fabrika is perfect for those looking to socialise and immersive themselves in Georgia’s culture and history!

As a digital nomad, you are well-acquainted with technology and how it can be used as a tool to connect people! Another way in which you can find accommodation is through social media; from online forums to this Facebook apartment rental group, the Internet has you covered. For long-term accommodation options, you can use the website; just keep in mind that sometimes the displayed price may not always include extra bills and processing fees!

If you do not mind working and relaxing in one place, then a possible option would be to stay at Lokal. Advertised as a space for co-working and co-living, Lokal attracts all kinds of digital nomads and provides high-quality accommodation for them all. Situated in the capital’s central neighbourhood Vera, this accommodation is conveniently close to a number of bars and restaurants! Work hard, play hard.

Capital city Tbilisi in the sunset.

Where To Work & Staying Connected

Regardless of where you choose to stay, Fabrika and Lokal are not only desirable accommodation options  —  they are great for working too! Offering high-speed Wi Fi and a spacious work environment, these places only encourage you to be as productive as you can be! Surrounded by like-minded workers, co-working spaces allows you to build friendly and professional connections in your travels. Although it comes with a cost, the experience gained from co-working spaces is immeasurable in its opportunities available, especially if you are someone looking to plant their roots in this quaint country.

If you yearn for a change of pace, then why not try one of the many cafés throughout the country? Although you will have the most luck with finding such spots in Tbilisi, there are plenty of coffee havens outside of the capital. In Batumi, you have gems such as Rhino Coffee, which offers simply delicious dairy-free and seasonal drinks. Or why not try the Literary Café? Open from 11am to 12am, this café has pastries which are amazing to look at and even better to eat! And with access to free Wi Fi, who can complain?

Unwinding in Your Free Time

The week has gone and you are ready to wrap things up in your new office space… what now? What better way is there to celebrate your new life as a digital nomad in Georgia, than to see the country for yourself? There are mountains waiting to be climbed, monuments waiting to be explored, and more! With sights like Vardzia, the fascinating cave monastery, and the iconic Gergeti Trinity Church, there is beauty to be found in every part of Georgia.

Gergeti Trinity Church, near village Stepantsminda.

For those looking to get the party started, then Tbilisi is the place for you. Some even say it is the next Berlin! From techno-clubs to indie bars, Tbilisi is the embodiment of bohemia. If you want to get lost in the live music, then we recommend adding Drunk Owl to your itinerary. Despite its location in the city’s old town, the drinks here are cheap. No wonder it is so popular amongst the locals! To keep the party going, take a trip to one of Tbilisi's techno-clubs. Getting inside Bassiani and Khidi each can be tricky as you need to register online first, but are worth the wait. With great music and inclusive environments that are open until 9am (yes, you read that right), Bassiani and Khidi are the perfect weekend hotspots for dancing the night away.

If you prefer to sip your alcohol than to down it, then you are also in luck. As the inventors of wine, Georgians know the importance of taking things slow. Ending the day with a glass of red (or orange) has never been easier. There is no better way to enjoy a glass of wine than alongside a delicious meal. As a cultural melting pot, Georgian cuisine blends together the best of European and Asian food to create something unique. Khachapuri, the national dish, is a must while you are out here; sometimes referred to as “Georgian pizza”, khachapuri is a bread filled with cheese, salt, and usually egg.

A delicious plate of Khachapuri, Georgia's national dish.

For the meat-eaters, you should try khinkali: juicy dumplings which usually contain beef, pork, or lamb. Finally for dessert, you have to try churchkhela! Shaped like a candle, churchkhela is a grape and walnut candy that can be found at most street vendors or markets. Distinct but comforting, Georgia’s cuisine is surreal in its taste and price. But if you ever find yourself longing for something more familiar, then there are tons of international restaurants at your disposal, with Italian, Indian and Japanese being particularly popular. Being a geographical enigma has its advantages after all.

Starting from Skratch? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Facts Before You Go


💸 Georgian Lari (GEL)



Bus Fare

🚌 1 GEL (€0.35)

Known For

💛 Hospitality

🌄 Nature

🍷 Wine

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