How to Visit Iguazu Falls in Brazil: Everything You Need to know

If you’re a nature lover who enjoys ticking some of mother nature's most incredible natural sites off of your bucket list, then you MUST visit Iguazu Falls in Brazil. Famous for being one of the most dramatic and one of the most monumental waterfalls in the world, this is a visually and acoustically pleasing site that you need to visit at least once. We’re going to explain when and how to visit to help add ease to your Brazilian travel itinerary.

Why Visit The Iguazu Falls? 🌊✈️

Made up of a number of cascading layers, all contributing to the different sprays of water produced here, this is one of the world's most spectacular waterfalls. The Iguazu Falls are a reminder of nature's greatness, considering it is the world's most powerful. The noise and sheer force of the water as it falls and hits the body of water below is unbelievably breathtaking. A snap of this is on the gram is sure to bag some likes ... and travel envy!
When visiting the falls, despite their power and intensity, tourists can still get very close to them. There are a number of boats and ferry tours that take place that head into the falls themselves making for an intimate and immersive experience. Thrill-seekers can walk through one of the many walkways including the ‘Devil’s throat’. Those who dare to walk over will be in for a real adrenaline rush considering the walkway is very close to an incredibly large drop in the falls.
Another reason to visit Iguazu is the fact that the falls border both Brazil and Argentina. This means that tourists have the chance to visit both sides and explore what lies on either side! Those heading into Argentina will discover a beautiful jungle surrounding them. The impressive ecosystem of the surroundings is enough to pull you in, leaving you wanting to return! Home to beautiful birds, butterflies, monkeys and canaries, this is so worth exploring.

Where Is The Iguazu Falls? 👀🇧🇷🇦🇷

This phenomenal semicircular waterfall can be found on a basaltic line spanning the border between Argentina and Brazil. The stunning sight is surrounded by subtropical rainforest that has over 2,000 species of vascular plants and is home to the typical wildlife of the region.

When To Visit? ⛅️🗓

The best time to visit Iguazu Falls is between late March to May or between August to October.
Of course, the falls flow and fall all year round and are spectacular either way. However, there are a number of factors to consider when picking when to visit the falls. The first thing to consider is the heat. When visiting in Spring, temperatures are manageable which is usually a must for any tourist who wants to explore comfortably. These months experience lower humidity, lots of sunshine and very little rain. If you fancy visiting when it’s a bit cooler then we suggest heading over in Autumn. This time of the year in the region tends to be a lot cooler but, again, there is little rainfall which influences the peak of the falls. These months tend to be less crowded also.

How To Visit Iguazu Falls? 🛩🌎

Considering the falls are located on the border of both Brazil and Argentina, there are different ways of getting here. If visiting from the Brazilian side, you will need to travel to the town of Foz do Iguaçu and if you’re travelling from Argentina, then you will need to travel to Puerto Iguazú.

Facts About Iguazu Falls ℹ️

•Iguazú Falls actually consists of approximately 275 individual cascades spread out around a 1.7-mile-long, U-shaped cliff formation that cuts through the Iguazu River.
•The longest drops at Iguazú Falls are over 260ft high. To put that into perspective, Niagara Falls are just 165ft in height

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August 30, 2023

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