6 Places Like Italy's Amalfi Coast But With Less Tourists

The Amalfi Coast in Italy, with its stunning cliffs, clear waters, and picture-perfect towns, is a common favourite destination for travellers from all over the world. However, this also means it attracts a lot of crowds (especially during peak seasons!). If you crave a similar experience without huge flocks of other tourists, consider these six lesser-known yet equally enchanting destinations. 

1. Cinque Terre, Italy

While Cinque Terre is becoming more and more popular, it still offers a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the Amalfi Coast. This collection of five colourful fishing villages (hence the name, which translates to “Five Lands”) along the rugged Ligurian coastline provides breathtaking views and charming, narrow streets to explore. There are also numerous hiking trails that connect the villages, allowing you to experience the region's natural beauty to the fullest. 

Fun fact: the cartoon “Luca” is based in Cinque Terre!

2. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Croatia's Dalmatian Coast is a place of historic towns and stunning landscapes. Dubrovnik and Split are the most famous cities, but for a quieter experience, keep in mind a visit to the islands of Hvar, Korčula, or Vis. Here, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, mediaeval architecture, and the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle without the overwhelming crowds.

3. Puglia, Italy

In the heel of Italy's boot, you will find Puglia – a taste of authentic Italian life. Its coastline is very similar to the Amalfi Coast (just less crowded). Explore Polignano a Mare and Monopoli, two charming towns with whitewashed buildings and stunning sea views. The region is also famous for its unique trulli houses in Alberobello and delicious local cuisine

4. Algarve, Portugal

The coastal region of the Algarve in southern Portugal is a beautiful destination with dramatic cliffs, golden beaches, and quaint fishing villages lining its extensive coastline. 

Did you know… this tiny country boasts a total of 943 kilometres (586 mi) of coastline? 

Lagos, with its stunning rock formations and caves, is a highlight, but if you’d prefer a more tranquil experience, visit the smaller towns of Carvoeiro or Tavira

5. French Riviera, France

The French Riviera, or Côte d'Azur, offers a similar experience to the Amalfi Coast with its glamorous coastal towns and stunning scenery (but prepare your wallet, for it’s not a budget destination). While Nice and Cannes are more well-known, you can find quieter spots in places like Menton, known for its beautiful gardens and colourful old town. The mediaeval village of Èze, up on a hilltop, has panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

6. Peloponnese, Greece

The Peloponnese region in southern Greece gathers ancient history, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous villages. Nafplio, with its Venetian architecture and scenic harbour, is a common favourite. The Mani Peninsula, known for its traditional stone towers, allows for a more serene experience. The region's rich history, from ancient ruins to mediaeval castles, adds an extra point of interest for travellers looking for a less frequented destination than the Amalfi Coast. 

All of the destinations listed above share the beauty and charm of the Amalfi Coast except with fewer crowds – in general, this allows for a more relaxed and authentic travel experience. This way, you can have a relaxing time in the Mediterranean without the usual hustle and bustle of the more “saturated” areas.

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