5 Days in Dubai: The Ultimate Trip to the Millionaire's Playground

Sand, sun, sea, and supercars. This is called the millionaire’s playground. The ‘City of Gold’ that once was a sleepy Gulf is now teeming with luxury hotels, gorgeous landmarks, fabulous hospitality, and a world-famous business location. We have devised the ultimate 5-day plan for Dubai, highlighting the top districts and the best things to do in each one!

Day 1 - Downtown Dubai - The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall & Dubai Fountains

Home to Dubai’s top iconic landmarks, luxurious shopping and gorgeous promenades, start your trip off the right way in Dubai. With the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, located here, you already know you will be wowed on day one of your trip. Take a trip up to the observation deck, the 124th floor,  of the record-holding tower and snap some phenomenal pictures of the city from a birds-eye-view. From above, you can enjoy views of the brilliant dancing Dubai Fountains below, get photographed by the photographers who will take some fantastic green-screen shots of you and much, much more!
After descending 140 floors at speeds of 10 metres per second, wander over to the Dubai Fountains only a few metres away. If you don’t know what the Dubai Fountains are, well, they are a very well-coordinated series of water performances located on a 30-acre lake in Downton. A mixture of lights, music and water, these fountains attract thousands of visitors every day, and we can see why. Its design features five circles of different sizes, two arcs and powerful water spouts that shoot water to unbelievable heights.
Next, if you haven’t already had a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants around the fountains, head over to the Dubai Mall, filled with fabulous entertainment locations, restaurants, luxurious fashion shops and fun for all; this takes the average mall to new extremes. Home to the Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Ice-Rink, Kid-Zania and fabulous cinemas, the options here are endless, and there is something for everyone. Don’t miss the spectacular indoor waterfall -  an indoor art installation that spans the three floors of the Dubai Mall.
The Burj Khalifa & Dubai Fountains

Day 2 - Jumeirah - The Palm Jumeirah, Wild Wadi & Madinat Jumeirah

After a day in the buzz and rapid pace, head over to the more relaxed residential strip Jumeirah. That doesn’t mean there’s any spark or charm to this area this is one of Dubai’s most sought after districts. From waterparks to shopping centres, including; a fun day out to the iconic Wild Wadi waterpark. One of the world’s best waterparks, this is the perfect day out for a thrill-seeker. Themed around the tale of the famous folklore character, Juha, the fun family attraction offers a variety of pulsating rides, slides and activities for all ages.
The Palm Jumeirah is a must to visit when in Dubai. A phenomenal man-made island in the shape of a palm tree with each branch hosting residential, hospitality and landmark spots. The palm was built in 2001, showcasing the city’s love for architecture. The Palm Islands looks spectacular from above and are home to 5,000 waterfront apartments, 4,000 residential villas, 1,000 water homes and 60 luxury hotels. You can also find several marinas, health spas, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas and sports activities meaning you will not get bored quickly.
We recommend you head to Madinat Jumeirah. The Arabian mini-city is filled with hotels, souks, and beachfront hotspots. It is described as a destination. The Souk will allow you to experience a blend of modern Dubai and traditional Arabian culture. This is the ideal place to understand what Dubai looked like in the past.
Jumeirah, Dubai

Day 3 - Dubai Creek - The Round Archways & The Textile Souk

Located 10 minutes from Downtown Dubai, this is the city’s iconic waterfront district. As a new development in the town, there is plenty of bright and modern art and architectural structures in the Creek. For example, the Round Archways is a sleek and simple piece of art that allows you to view the city's skyline. As it is a popular Instagram motif, it means you can snap a perfect shot for the grid!

The creek is also home to textile souqs. These are perfect for browsing traditional fabrics. These souqs are lit by traditional lamps that add to the area’s cultural and unique ambience/atmosphere at night.
Dubai Creek

Day 4 - Dubai Marina - Dubai Marina Zipline & Boat Sightseeing Tour

Dubai Marina is a waterfront city, the emerald-green waters framed by some of the tallest - not to mention some of the most architecturally impressive - residential towers in the world. Just like the rest of Dubai, you will be spoilt for choice with dining, entertainment and leisure locations at the Marina. It is perfect for couples, families or flying solo.
Dubai has a thing for taking what the world has done well and making it ten times better, including thrill-seeking activities. The XLine Zipline at Dubai Marina is perfect for those who love adventure and fun. Slide down this line parallel to a friend at an angle of 16 degrees and 80km/hour speeds. By doing this, you will take in amazing views of the Marina, the superyachts, and everything else that surrounds the area.
Slow the pace of your day down after the zipline by cruising around the picturesque marina on a boat tour. Whether you go during the day or in the evening, the views will take our breath away, and the photo opportunities are fantastic either way. Enjoy a guided journey that highlights the spectacular landmarks of the city. Ride in comfort and safety with one of the many boat tour companies.
Dubai Marina

Day 5 - Bur Dubai - The Diving Village

Spend your last day in this superior city in a more tranquil, slow-paced and cultural district. What was once a run-down merchants’ quarter is now a restored heritage area, laced with slender lanes of sand-coloured buildings. When in Bur Dubai, you will experience the authentic Arabian culture, including; museums, craft shops and appealing courtyard cafes.
The Diving Village will allow you to head back in time and experience the history of how the local people used to be and lived. In the Diving Village, you can learn about age-old traditions that generations of families have passed down. This will be an experience that you will remember, as it stands out from the grandeur of the city life.
Bur Dubai

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