15 Travel TikTokers You Should Be Following

If there’s one thing we can truly thank for getting us through a year of lockdown, its TikTok. Exploding in popularity over the course of 2020, the app went from a niche teen following to Gen Z obsession (and millennial - don’t deny it). It kept us fit with dances, gave us food advice with its Dalgona coffee and feta pasta, and romanticised literally everything. And it encouraged us to see the beauty in the smallest of things, like climbing a hill for sunrise or forest-bathing in the woods. You get a sense that you could have a similar experience in your own town, making the most out of what is around you. Many of us have had the experience of seeing our own hometowns or countries represented on a TikTok travel vid and thought, is that really where I live? So, get inspiration for local travels, or destinations for your future bucket list with these amazing travel pages.

For Awe-Inspiring Views:


We left at 3am to climb a mountain for sunrise 😨 It was insane! ##learnontiktok ##nailedit ##dayinthelife ##adventure ##dolomites ##hike

♬ Overthinker - INZO

Jacob Riglin – photographer - (671k) @jacob

This incredible travel photographer has stunned us all with his breath-taking scenes. From mountaintops to palace interiors, the beauty of the world has been captured in high definition in these mesmerising videos.

Mikki Tenazas – beaches and hotels - (1.5m) @mgtenazas

This page gives us major beach fever with its endless clips of tropical seas and ocean-side luxury hotels. Something about seeing a moving clip immerses you in a scene and makes you feel that you are *almost* there. We wish. 

Emma Expedition – beautiful landscapes - (29.6k) @emmaexpedition

For those that prefer rugged landscapes over luxury travel, Emma offers simple, exhilarating views from snowy peaks to Rocky Mountains. Perfect inspiration for intrepid mountaineers, or perhaps the reward of the summit view without the struggle of the journey! 

Oyehaug – mountain treks - (199.4k) @oyehaug 

Another outdoor explorer, this time with an adorable dog in tow, this account offers stunning views over Norwegian scenery, with its misty mountainsides and shimmering fjords.

Best Travel Tips:


Should I do the opposite and list the most expensive in the US? #skitok #snowboard #ski #europe

♬ Still Don't Know My Name - Labrinth

Natasha Danielle – solo female traveller - (229.9k) @theworldpursuit 

Travelling solo as a woman can be particularly daunting, but Natasha gives straight-forward encouraging advice to give you confidence and help you get out there.

Where to Find Me – hotel reviewer - (248.3k) @wheretofindme

This page gives you serious ideas for the bucket list with short visual tasters of unique and luxurious hotels around the world. From delicious poolside breakfasts to beachside hammocks, these stays are very much the main attraction. 

Bernice Padilla – flight attendant - (79.6k) @trendytraveler 

This flight attendant gives you a glimpse into her jet-setting lifestyle, offering tips and insider travel hacks along the way – including how to book the cheapest flights to the best places.

Caroline – outdoors travel - (795.6k) @wilderness_addict

This Canadian based travel influencer offers tips for the best hikes and camping trips in the Canadian Rockies. Her clips of views from the comfort of a tent, coffee in hand, will make you want to pack a car and get out into the wilderness.


Teach Your CAT to Hike Part 7: Bouldering! Any questions? #adventurecat #catlover #travelvlog #hikingadventures #cats @otto_adventure_cat

♬ original sound - Quin Gable • Travel Tips

Quin Gable – solo traveller (cat hiker) - (165.7k) @quingable 

Quin is another solo female traveller, although not quite so solo, since she is a self-identified ‘cat hiker.’ By using a carefully made rucksack and harness, she’s able to bring her cat Otto along with her on her treks! Offering advice on how to do the same, Quin might have found the perfect solution to finding company on hikes.

Travel Couples:

Laura and Nicolas – travel couple (camper) - (37.4k) @laurandnicolas

Is it not everyone’s dream to travel the world with a partner in a self-fitted campervan? Well Laura and Nicolas are doing it, currently in the first stages of converting an old van into a home on the move. Follow their progress and get tips for your own project along the way!

Ian & Ana – USA van lifers (154.2K) @theotherside_vlog

Too impatient to wait for the progress? Check out Ian & Ana’s page, proud van lifers that have travelled all over the US in their little converted van. Offering tips for all aspects of travel and van living, they give an honest insight into the thrills and trials of life on the road.

27travels – lesbian travel couple – (14.2k) @27travels

Travelling with a same-sex partner comes with its own obstacles, but as 27travels reveal, there’s no reason why you can’t still enjoy the freedom of travel and explore the world together! These two offer tips on LGBT-friendly destinations as well as funny anecdotes about travel as a lesbian couple.


Follow us if you love travel! 🌎✈️☺️ audio got removed last time! #travel #travelbucketlist

♬ Take Yours - Matthew Mole

Trent + Sarah – travel couple (495.7k) @riotravelers

This couple side-step the usual travel tip cliches for genuinely informative and amusing travel advice. They do their research well and provide plenty of off-the-beaten-track recommendations for budget travel.

Jonny – gay traveller – (412.2k) @jonnyfoe

Another LGBT traveller, Jonny Foe is a lifestyle vlogger showcasing his travels around the world with his partner. Since the pandemic, he’s been able to carry on travelling, this time around his home country of Germany: reminding us that there’s so much we can see at home if we look closely enough.

And finally…

Of course, we’ve saved the best to last, which is our very own travel TikTok page! Follow @skratchworld for regular travel inspo, including travel hacks, fun facts and bucket list essentials. If you’ve got a travel tip worth sharing, be sure to tag us so we can unlock the world together 🗺 ✈️

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