Visas FAQs

Our visa feature makes it easy to check visa requirements for any country and directly apply via Skratch in certain cases.

Where does all the visa data come from?

Skratch has partnered with visa specialists SimpleVisa to provide visa data from hundreds of trusted government sources in a simple, consolidated overview.

Can I see visas based on my passport and/or residency?

You can select your passport to see specific visa requirements for your citizenship. We don’t currently support any residency-based search.

What types of visas are available on Skratch?

Skratch currently supports direct applications for eVisas and electronic travel authorisations (eTAs).

For any visas on arrival or embassy visas, we provide a link to the relevant government or embassy website for you to consult further. 

How long does it take to process a visa?

In most cases, visas are processed by SimpleVisa within 2-3 business days.

How do I pay for my visa application?

Most major forms of debit or credit card are accepted for payment. This is securely handled by SimpleVisa.

What is the benefit of getting my visa via Skratch compared to directly?

Applying for a visa through Skratch and SimpleVisa offers you simple application forms, reliable pre-screening and 99% guaranteed visa approvals. We aim to make visa applications stress-free and secure for Skratch users.

How is my data treated?

Skratch doesn’t share any of your data with SimpleVisa. Each visa application is protected by enterprise-level encryption and compliant with data privacy standards.

How do I get notified when my visa is approved?

You will receive an email from SimpleVisa directly to your inbox with all your visa information.

What if I have a question or issue with my application?

With our partner SimpleVisa, you’ll receive expert advice at every stage of the application process. You’ll receive a confirmation and contact info from SimpleVisa once your visa application is complete. You can also contact Skratch support at any time using the button below.

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