Stay connected on your travels with eSIMs on Skratch, offering quick and easy mobile data in over 194 destinations.

What is an eSIM?

Say goodbye to physical sim cards an hello to eSIMs. Think of an eSIM like a virtual SIM card, offering you all the data usually contained on a physical SIM card but loaded onto your device over the air with no manual setup needed. Most iOS and Android devices have an eSIM chip built-in, allowing you to activate an eSIM plan straight away on your device in seconds.

Installing an eSIM plan doesn't replace your main phone plan but just adds a new secondary data plan so you can stay connected to the internet as you travel to new countries. You can switch it on and off at your convenience.

  • Quick Setup: Activate data coverage in over 200 destinations in a few seconds, no physical setup required
  • Flexible and Affordable: Choose a plan that suits your data needs and trip duration
  • Best Internet Speeds: Enjoy the fastest 4G/5G internet speeds with connectivity to 400+ networks globally
  • Unmatched Security: Stay secure with end-to-end encryption and 100% data privacy

When would I need an eSIM?

Anytime you travel. Whether you're a digital nomad, city breaker or backpacker, eSIMs keep you connected to the internet throughout your trip. Don't get stranded with no wi-fi, trying to find the directions to your hotel - get an eSIM!

How do I purchase an eSIM on Skratch?

Skratch has partnered with global eSIM provider Maya Mobile to offer eSIMs directly in the platform. Simply head to the Explore tab on Skratch and you can browse eSIM products by country or region in over 194 destinations. Pick the duration and amount of data that makes sense for you then we'll direct your securely to Maya to make payment. That's it! You'll have your eSIM within seconds.

Maya Mobile are one of the highest rated eSIM providers in the world, offering unmatched connectivity and affordable pricing. Don't believe us? Check out their reviews on Trustpilot.

How do I setup my eSIM?

Once you've bought your eSIM, you'll receive payment confirmation and setup instructions to your email within seconds. You can either scan a QR code and let Maya do the setup for you automatically or follow the few easy steps in the email to get started. You can also setup your very own Maya Mobile account to check your data usage and top up your eSIM if needed.

An overview of how to setup your eSIM is also available here.

Can I buy an eSIM in advance and use it later?

Yes absolutely, we recommend doing this. When you purchase your eSIM you can set the starting date for your data to activate.

Can I install multiple eSIMs at once?

You can! Most devices support multiple data plans at once which you can switch on/off as you need.

How do I view my data usage?

When you purchase your very first eSIM, you'll receive instructions via email to setup your Maya Mobile account. You can use that account anytime to check how much data you've consumed and top up existing eSIMs.

Are wi-fi hotspot and internet sharing included in my eSIM plan?

All prepaid (non-unlimited), Unlimited Standard and Unlimited Max plans include wi-fi hotspot and internet sharing. The availability of wi-fi hotspot ultimately depends on the local network carrier.

In case you need to troubleshoot your wi-fi hotspot, please refer to Maya Mobile's instructions here.

What happens if I run out of data whilst I'm travelling?

You can top up any of your eSIMs at any time via your Maya Mobile account. You'll get the same competitive pricing and your eSIM data allowance will update within seconds.

Is my device compatible with an eSIM?

Skratch will automatically tell you if your device is compatible or not with an eSIM. If you want to double check, please refer to Maya Mobile's full list of supported devices here.

Will I get a local phone number with my eSIM?

No, our eSIMs only offer you data to save on expensive roaming fees. You will be able to use your existing phone number to send and receive calls or SMS.

What is an unlimited eSIM?

Unlimited eSIMs offer you a daily allowance of high speed data and then unlimited data thereafter at a specific throttled speed. These plans are perfect for travellers and remote workers who need reliable access to their apps while roaming.

Can I automatically renew my eSIM?

Yes, all eSIMs are eligible for 'Auto Renew'. You'll see this option at checkout or in your Maya Mobile account and you can switch it on/off at any time.

Can I cancel my eSIM at any time?

Yes, prepaid plans end automatically after the duration you've selected. You can cancel Unlimited or Monthly plans at any time via your Maya Mobile account.

What happens if my eSIM doesn't work?

Skratch and Maya Mobile are committed to the best connectivity and customer experience. If you are encountering issues with your eSIM, we recommend checking these help guides first to troubleshoot the issue or reach out directly to Maya Mobile. If you still aren't satisfied, we will offer a 100% refund, no questions asked. Refer to our refund conditions here before making a request.

Do Skratch and Maya Mobile track my internet activity or location?

We do not track your device location or web browsing activity, these are completely private with end-to-end encryption. As required by law, Maya only keeps records containing only the time, data (Megabytes) consumed, and cellular provider of each data connection.

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